About Us

The Citizen is India's first independent online daily, bold and young. We seek to bring you the news, views and analysis of old and young writers, the focus being on credibility and facts. We are irreverent in the good old tradition of independent journalism, curious, and questioning. We do not believe in giving clean chits to governments, as that is something governments and the ruling establishment are far better than us, but we do make a serious effort to inform you of the news on the ground, the reality of the poor, marginalised India and of policies that impact our masses.

We are a young team with the more experienced guiding us to bring back to you journalism at its best. We are not the stars. For us the Citizens are the stars, and we limit ourselves to bringing you the information, let you make up your mind, and decide on what you want your today and tomorrow to be. We are sensitive and compassionate, but also bold and aggressive. We call a spade a spade, and do not apologise for it, making sure of course that all we have to say is backed by credible and solid facts.

We cover culture, life, music, the arts, theatre, books. We write on South Asia, West Asia the world with a host of experienced scholars and journalists contributing to these sections. Politics, national and international, remains our concern. We cover South Asia, with unabashed fondness for peace. We bring you information and news on gender, daily with Queer rights as important to us as women's empowerment. We work hard to ensure that the underprivileged, victimised, harassed sections of society find a voice through The Citizen, and that injustice is not buried but spoken of loudly. The border states of Jammu and Kashmir, and the North East remain a major concern for us and we bring you the issues facing the citizens from the citizens themselves.

The Citizen is a voice for the citizens, and does not compromise.