Four games played, 12 goals scored, an average of three per game. Belgium is the side that has scored the most times in this World Cup. The Red Devils have found the way to the nets, explained in a simplified way in two points. The weakness in the defenses of Panama (3-0) and Tunisia (5-2) in the first round, and especially the accumulation of talent in the frontline.

Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Kevin De Bruyne, Michy Batshuayi, Moussa Dembele or Dries Mertens, not to mention the very offensive Thomas Meunier and Yannick Carrasco on the wings, and the match sheets are enough to make the opponents tremble.

The player who has brought the most satisfaction since the start of the competition is certainly Romelu Lukaku. The Manchester United center-forward, who is often underrated, has scored four goals in two games, and especially with different records. His first in the lead, his second and his fourth after good deep calls, his third a finesse with a cross shot in the opponent’s net.

At rest against England (1-0), Lukaku could not test himself against a big side, he who has always struggled against big in the Premier League. In the last 16 match against Japan, they rallied back going two goals down to regiter a 3-2 win.

Behind the great striker, the Belgian selection includes a lot of creators, able to both side of the pitch to perform the last pass or be at the conclusion. Eden Hazard, Kevin De Bruyne, but also Dries Mertens are constant threats to the opponents. In addition to individual qualities, their ability to combine impressed in the first round, especially when other favorites and outsiders struggled to win their matches.

Kevin De Bruyne is perhaps the most disappointing among the three at the beginning of the world cup, contributing much less for his team than the other two. The reason may lie in his placement, further back in the field. This positioning may be more difficult to deal with strong oppositions, against which the midfielder will have to be a little stronger.

The wing players are also a big asset of this Belgium, which evolves with three defenders. Although more wingy than rear side, Yannick Carrasco and Thomas Meunier are real attackers in the offensive phase, often creating a surplus or a possibility of duplication on the sides. With teams largely within reach of the Red Devils like Tunisia or Panama, this strategy is interesting. Against big teams, the defensive efforts will have to be very intense and not to be punished.

The last strength of Belgium is in its reserve bench. Behind Lukaku, Michy Batshuayi looks like a super substitute. Volatile when he came into action against Tunisia, the former Marseille man created several opportunities, eventually scoring. But he was not so successful against England. The Borussia Dortmund player will nevertheless be an undeniable asset for Belgium on an entry late in the game. Moussa Dembele, Nacer Chadli, Adnan Januzaj, scorer against England, also have the qualities to provide solutions during the match.

Belgium is a very offensive system, talent at every position related to the attack, and a fluid collective game between players who have been playing together for several years now. The contrast is striking with several other selections that have the ambition to raise the World Cup on July 15. In the same group, the English also scored goals, but the demonstration against Panama (6-1) did not show all their offensive qualities, with four goals on set pieces.

Spain and Germany dominated their matches in terms of possession, but they are already out. Croatia, with seven goals in the group stage, boasts a midfielder of very high quality, with a great striker in the form of Mandzukic. Brazil still relies heavily on Coutinho, with Neymar not yet in top form and a Gabriel Jesus with little success. Marcelo's injury is also a big blow to the Selecao attack.

The French offensive game, dull in the group stage, is resurrected against Argentina (4-3), without a sparkling Griezmann however.

Belgium displayed the best offense, the most impressive of all in the first round. But in the tougher matches they have to be ready. The Belgians already highlighted their impressive offensive armada in the first matches of the Euro 2016, before going out against Wales (1-3) in the quarterfinals. This time, Brazil could well stand on the road of the Red Devils in this knock-out stage.