28th May is celebrated world over as the Menstrual Hygiene Day. Understanding the importance behind this day, a Delhi based NGO called Sachhi Saheli in association with Women and Child Development of govt of NCT Delhi organized a unique period themed festival called the Menstrual Hygiene Day Period Fest on 27th May 2018 in Inner Circle from 6 am to 9: 30 am.

The Fest divided into various zones that aimed at providing all-round knowledge about period management and women health and a rally along the inner circle called the ‘Pad’ Yatra was also organized to emphasize that silence must be broken around the topic of menstruation.

In the pad zone, people were introduced to a variety of period management options by various sanitary supplies brands.

While, the stage was then greeted by zumba dancers and the crowd cheerily danced along various bollywood numbers, following the beats on and in front of the stage

The Artist s zone was thriving with numerous paintings empowering women and the society were exhibited and live painting sessions gathered the interest of the masses.

The Debunking of myths zone was the most active, with a group of students acting out the scenarios of everyday life, displaying the many taboos and rituals a woman is made to follow on her period.

The spirits of the masses were again lifted by a nukkad natak by the talented Asmita Theatre Group. They broke out speaking about much of the unspoken. They discussed periods, reproduction and the reason and importance of bodily fluids.

In the fun zone, children as well as adults enjoyed several games and activities while T-shirts with the message “Break the Bloody Taboo” were also distributed by the Sachhi Saheli team.

Post this, the Sachhi Saheli team escorted the crowd and gathered them for the pad yatra. The crowd bearing placards and banners with slogans such as “My Period My Proud”, “Break the Bloody Taboo” marched in unison around the inner circle in Connaught Place. The rally was later joined by day’s Chief guest Hon’ble Dy. Chief Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia as well.

After the commencement of Pad Yatra, Mr. Manish Sisodia addressed the crowd and said,” the prevelent menstrual taboos and stigmas can only be eradicated from the society when families change and break silence around the topic and respect their women and girls.

Guest of Honour for the day, Hon’ble Chairperson of DCW, Mrs. Swati Maliwal took the stage to talk to the crowd and said, “Periods should never stop a girl like it did not stop the likes of Rani Jhansi Laxmibai and Sania Nehwal from achieving great things. I did not deter because of periods when I was on an indefinite hunger strike. In the same way, periods should never stop you girls as well. “

Dr. Surbhi Singh, president of Sachhi Saheli also spoke to the audience and said, “I am confident that from here on after going back home every girl will not be ashamed of her periods instead will take pride in the process that makes her unique in the world.

The program was concluded with honoring and presentation of pad-shaped mementoes to the dignitaries present at the event that included Mr. Roop Sudesh Vimal, Mrs. Ranjana Prasad from DCPCR, Dr. Aswini Goyal, President of Delhi Medical Association amongst others.

The Sachhi Saheli team was also called on stahge and applauded for their initiative and effort by Mr. Manish Sisodia.

A speech by the various members of sachi saheli and a pledge to be healthy and vocal about periods brought the ceremony to a close.