Until the end of the 20th century, people were limited to newspapers, magazines, and government employment notifications to post vacancies or seek jobs. Hiring was a long and tedious process and it demanded keen attention from the job seekers. It was especially difficult for drivers, delivery people, cooks, tailors or others in the blue-collar sector to search a job as job search was expensive, time-consuming, and recruiters and aspirants could not connect directly. The employers were also unable to reach out to a wider audience and potential candidates were left out in the process.

However, with the growing importance of the internet and technological advancement, the way in which hiring managers recruit employees have changed for good. There are countless job search sites for specific job types and applying for a job is only a click away. You will also find free job posting site which can be used for free without paying any cost. These free job posting sites are great, especially for startups.

Jobs Apps in India for Driver, Delivery & Cook Jobs

Just.Jobs is a go-to job portal for job seekers in India who are trying to land in a blue-collar job. It allows job seekers to apply to vacant jobs for free in categories including Drivers, Delivery, Cooks, Beauticians, Accountants, and Tailors. If you are a recruiter, you can either choose to post your jobs for free or take advantage of the affordable plans available to give competition and find more talented candidates.

The free job portal has a mobile-friendly job search app which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. It means you can post job vacancies or apply for jobs on the go. Just Jobs brings convenience and ease and systematizes job search. It also saves money and time which is very important for job seekers.

Just Jobs is considered the ultimate job portal by many. However, job seekers should not limit themselves only to Just Jobs if you want to land on the perfect job. There are several other job portals and mediums out there which can be effectively used to land your dream job. If you are looking for a job in 2019, you should look beyond the Just Jobs portal. Here is why.

Why Drivers, Delivery Boys, and Cooks Need More Than Just Jobs in India?

Though Just Jobs is considered the ultimate platform for finding blue-collar jobs in India, you might want to think beyond. There are a plethora of job portals out there and you better your chances of landing your dream job by widening your search. As Rumi rightly quoted, “What you seek is seeking you.”

Improve Your Employment Opportunity: By widening your search and applying to many job vacancies as possible, you increase your chances of getting employed. For instance, a recruiter might make a job post in a specific job portal to Hire Drivers giving preference to those candidates with 5 years of experience. If you don’t have that experience, you are more likely to miss out on that opportunity. A different recruiter in a different job portal may not ask for experience.

Also, many employers do not post their job vacancies in different portals. They may lack the resources or time to post everywhere or perhaps, they may be not aware of the existence of certain job portals. As a potential candidate looking for a job, your best bet is to try out as many job portals as possible and not limit yourself to one or just a few.

Choose the Best Work Location: For some candidates, the best location for a job is their hometown or city. In that case, if you are a potential candidate looking for an Accountant job while residing in Chennai, the job vacancy to hire an accountant in Mumbai may not be the best for you. Some people prefer to move to a new city to work in. You can look for multiple job portals and use their search filter to find the perfect location and job. Most popular job portals such as Internshala will allow you to search for jobs by locations.

Compare the Salary: Many job search sites allow you to search for jobs by salary. Some employers will pay you more for the same job. For instance, for a cooking job, an employer may be willing to pay ?14,000 per month while another may pay?18,000 or more. You can compare the salaries of different employers and opt for the best. But remember that salaries may be higher or lower depending on the location of work, working hours, brand popularity, and so on.

Select Your Own Work Environment: Some job portals such as Glassdoor allow employees to post reviews and experiences both positive and negative about the company they worked with. Read the reviews available on different job portals and gather information to ascertain the right company for you. You may not like to work in a certain environment but another might suit you.

What Are Some Good Job Portals to Find Drivers, Delivery Boys, and Cooks Jobs Apart From Just Jobs?

There are many good job portals out there apart from Just Jobs where you can find entry-level and blue-collar jobs. Also, don’t limit your job search only to job portals. Recruiters are increasingly using social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to hire delivery boys, beauticians, cooks, and tailors alike. It is because these social media platforms are used by a huge number of people and they are easily accessible. You can also use classified advertising platforms to land your dream job.

Popular Job Portals to finding Drivers, Delivery Boys, and Cooks Jobs

Find Jobs at Internshala by Location: It is a great portal to look up jobs by location such as delivery jobs in Pune, driver jobs in Delhi or tailor jobs in Mumbai. It is used by more than 35, 00,000 job seekers and over 80,000 companies to find talents.

You can use the features like Quick Search to filter out jobs by location, company, stream, and duration. Its mobile app allows you to apply for jobs on the go and receive job alerts.

Search for Company Reviews and Salaries at Glassdoor: The site provides you access to reviews of many companies, large or small. By reading up on the reviews posted by employees who have worked or are working in a particular company, you can determine whether you want to work there or not.

You can also find out the average salary per month or annum of different jobs on this portal. For instance, the average salary of a delivery driver is ?17,803 per month in India. You can further choose to look up the average salary of a beautician or tailor by city.

You can sign up at Glassdoor for free and use the search filters to search for jobs by location or employer name. It has a mobile app for ease and convenience which can be downloaded at Google Play.

Sign up at PlacementIndia to Find a Job in Any Major Locations: As long as you have the right skills, you can find a job in any major city in India including Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Simply visit the Recent Jobs Opportunities section to search for cook jobs in Delhi or tailor jobs in Kolkata. You can also browse jobs by Industry, Department, and Cities. This job portal is used by 5 million job seekers.

Social Media Platforms to find Drivers, Delivery Boys, and Cooks Jobs

Find Different Jobs on Facebook - Though Facebook is one of the best places to connect with family and friends; its use doesn’t end there. Ever since Facebook opened up its new job board feature in February 2017, employers are able to post jobs directly to their company page or a specific jobs page. As a job seeker, you can apply to them immediately through Facebook.

As per statistics, 65 million businesses are currently using Facebook pages. A recent study conducted by Jobvite also reported that Facebook is the second most popular social network for recruiters. You can find job openings by filtering for proximity or industry. You can also filter your search by full-time or part-time work.

Look for Blue-Collar Jobs at LinkedIn: Earlier, LinkedIn, the popular social media platform was widely used by job seekers to find white-collar jobs. But since it expanded its outreach in India, it is used massively by the blue-collar sector. You can Search Driver Jobs, Beautician Jobs, tailor jobs, cook jobs, and other jobs alike on this platform.

Users are allowed to create a profile page for free which is seen by thousands of employers. You can even upgrade it to avail better features and provide a competitive edge. Currently, LinkedIn is used by 610 million members and the platform sees 172,800 new users every day.

Follow People in Your Industry at Twitter - There are many employers who use Twitter to look for potential candidates. You can start by following people in your industry such as tailoring industry if you want a tailor job or the makeup industry if you want a beautician job. You can also follow the pages of places you would love to work and people who write about your industry. Talk to them from time to time, even when you’re not looking for a job. Start-up companies are almost always in the hiring mode.

Another way to land a job is to search for job-related hashtags. Thousands of businesses, recruiters, and human resources professionals use hashtags on Twitter to let their job advertisements be seen by a wider audience.

Classified Advertising Platforms to find Drivers, Delivery Boys, and Cooks Jobs

Discover Entry-Level and Blue-Collar Jobs in Click India: It is one of the best places for talented candidates to find blue-collar jobs and entry-level jobs. The free classified job portal has usually over 539,155 ads.

The site always has plenty of Driver Jobs, delivery jobs, beautician jobs, and other blue-collar or entry-level jobs. You can enter the most accurate keywords that include the job title and location to filter out the right job.

To make your job search more convenient, you can download Click India mobile app from Google Play and apply for jobs on the go.

Use Quikr to Find New Jobs Faster: Quikr, the classified advertising platform is used by many job seekers as it allows them to connect with recruiters fast. You can start searching for job ads by roles such as beautician, driver, cook, delivery, and alike.

You will find job listings in over 900 cities in India in different categories. The Spotlight Ads section usually has recruiters who are urgently looking to hire employees. You just have to upload your resume to find the right employer. It has usually millions of job offers.

Search Blue-Collar Jobs at OLX: Classified advertising platforms such as OLX are great for finding entry-level and blue-collar jobs. OLX provides you a filtered search option which you can use to find jobs in your preferred location.

Though you are not likely to land on a white-collar job here, you can use it to find tailor jobs in Hyderabad, delivery jobs in Chennai or cook jobs in Bangalore. OLX was launched in 2009 in India.

Digital technology has played an immense role in shaping trends in recruitment. You don’t have to depend solely on print media, word-of-mouth recruiting process or referrals to land on a job. More and more companies are automating the process of recruitment by using a variety of media such as online job portals, social media, and classified advertising platforms to find and screen qualified people. In this modern and dynamic job market, you will require a combination of the above methods to land your dream job. Only when you are flexible in your approach and try new techniques, you can cast a wide net and increase your chances of getting employment. Don’t limit yourself to just one job portal if you want to get hired fast or want to work on the perfect job location or environment.

Apply for jobs for free at Just Jobs today.