According to ManpowerGroup, the third-largest staffing firm in the world, millennials will make up over a third of the global workforce by 2020. Known for being on the one hand entrepreneurial, fast-paced, and tech-savvy and on the other lazy, self-absorbed, and disloyal, millennials know what they want. More importantly, they want to be their own boss.

In India, millennials account for the largest age-group segment in the workforce. Naturally, their attitudes towards work matter for organizations. In fact, India houses the highest population of millennials in the world. To attract this workforce, organizations must make some changes in their functioning and have a strategy in place.

Provide Clear Definitions

Millennials hate ambiguity. In a survey by Robert Walters, 71% of millennials admitted that they appreciate clear guidelines to earn bonuses and promotions. Hiring millennials requires your recruiting team to provide clear job roles and requirements. Tell them exactly the amount and kind of work you require out of them. Establish clear directions about promotion prospects. Inform them of everything that will make them attractive candidates for promotions within your organization.

Offer Flexibility

As per a Deloitte study, 75% of millennials believe that a remote work policy is important in an organization. Unlike previous generations that sought financial rewards and future prospects when applying for jobs, millennials look for flexibility, both in terms of location and work hours. Because so many of them have varied interests, they value jobs which give them the freedom to explore these.

Millennials desire not just a satisfactory life, but one with better quality. They need time to relax and interact with friends and family. This means that for hiring millennials, you need to ditch the traditional 9 to 5. Allow millennials to bend their schedules. Employers must accept their young workforce’s desire to seek out multiple interests, both inside and outside the workplace.

Embrace Technology

Millennials have grown up with cutting-edge technology. To attract this workforce, organizations must invest in devices and technologies. Apart from adopting tech in the workplace, it must also be made use of while hiring millennials (think video conferencing and remote collaboration tools). It also makes sense to partner with tech-driven recruiting firms like Randstad that offer modern HR tech solutions for modern businesses.

Flat structure

The age-old concept of hierarchy no longer works with the millennial workforce. They value a workplace with a flat structure i.e., approachable executives that actively listen to younger colleagues. Millennials want their voices to be heard, their opinions to matter, and to be recognised for the work they do.

As the workplace sees a shift, recruitment practices will have to follow suit. For hiring millennials that will love their jobs and stay in them, your organization can partner with modern recruiting firms like Randstad that know how to connect with millennial job seekers and stay up with the times.