14 April 2021 02:00 AM



‘Muslims Are Our Brothers, Our Blood”: Bareilly DM Singh Defies the Trend

“Our Muslims are our own, there is no doubt about it”

NEW DELHI: “Muslims are our brothers, our blood, our DNA is same...the sooner we understand it the better for our state and country” District Magistrate of Bareilly Raghvendra Vikram Singh posted on Facebook this afternoon.

This comes after his earlier post “Ajab rivaz ban gaya hai. Muslim mohallo me jabrdasti julus le jao aur Pakistan murdabad ke nare lagao. Kyon bhai, ve Pakistani hain kya? Yehi yahan Bareilly mein Khailam mein hua tha. Fir patharav hua, mukadme likhe gaye... (A very strange trend has started of late. Take out processions by force through Muslim dominated localities and raise anti-Pakistan slogans. Why? Are these people Pakistani? The same thing had happened in Khailam village of Bareilly. Then stones were pelted, FIRs lodged)."

Singh also posted in Hindi, “Pakistan is our enemy. There is no doubt in it. Our Muslims are our own. There is no doubt in it either.”

This post was in the wake of the Kasganj violence that has the area still simmering under tension and curfew

In another post, Singh has wondered why slogans are not raised against “bigger enemy” China. This post asks, “Cheen to bada dushman hai, tiranga lekar Cheen murdabad kyon nahin? “(China is a bigger enemy to us. Why isn't the tricolour being waved and anti-China slogans shouted)?"

The newspaper has quoted the DM as saying, "Such fringe groups are coming up in every part of the state, taking the same ugly route to instigate people of the minority community by forcefully entering their locality in the name of nationalism. These people don't care about the fabric of our mixed culture and brotherhood."

The official is now being mercilessly trolled by the so called nationalists.

Singh maintained: “हमारी पोस्ट बरेली में कांवर यात्रा के दौरान आई Law n order की समस्या से सम्बंधित थी. I had hoped there will be academic discussion but unfortunately it had taken a different turn . Extremely sad .हम आपस में चर्चा इस लिए करते हैं कि हम बेहतर हो सकें . ऐसा लगता है कि इस से बहुत से लोगों को आपत्ति भी है और तकलीफ भी .हमारी मंशा कोई कष्ट देने की नही थी.संप्रदायिक माहौल सुधारना प्रशासनिक एवं नेतिक ज़िम्मेदारी है हम लोगों की . हमारे मुस्लिम हमारे भाई है .. हमारे ही रक्त .. DNA एक ही है हमारा .हमें उन्हे वापस लाना नही आया . इस पर फिर कभी … ज़ितनी जल्दी हम समझे ऊतना बेहतर है देश के लिए हमारे प्रदेश हमारे जनपद के लिए . पाकिस्तान शत्रु है …इसमे कोई सन्देह नही . हमारे मुस्लिम हमारे हैं .. इसमे भी कोई संदेह नही . मैं चाहता हूँ यह विवाद खत्म हो . I do apologise if our friends न brothers r pained because of me.”

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