NEW DELHI: Two independent legislators in the Karnataka Assembly R. Shankar and H, Nagesh withdrew their support from the JD(S)-Congress coalition government ruling in the state claiming inefficiency of the government as the reason.

Both, in their statements to the media expressed a lack of confidence in the JD(S)-Congress coalition government.

The Citizen looked at the performance of the government as reflected in the ongoing session of the 15th Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

After the JD(S) - Congress government was formed the first session of the 15th Karnataka Legislative Assembly took place from July 7 till July 13, 2018. Five Bills were introduced in the first session of the Assembly of which 4 bills were passed. This in itself indicates an efficiency strike rate of the Assembly at 80%.

The second session of Karnataka Legislative Assembly took place between December 10 till December 21, 2018. Thirteen Bills/Amendments were introduced by the government in the 11 days sessions of which 9 Bills were passed. Efficiency thus registered stood at 69.23%.

Various important amendments were introduced in the second session viz. Transparency in Public Procurements (Amendments) Bill, Karnataka State Commission for Backward Classes, Karnataka Land Revenue, and Karnataka Civil Services (Procedure for Selection of Candidates during Recruitment) Bill as well as other economic measures as per the promises of the government.

Performance of Karnataka Legislative Assembly in the two sessions directly contradicts the statements made by R Shankar and H Nagesh.

Earlier, R Shankar told the media, "I withdraw my support for the government, from today in the coming days I wanted to work but in this situation, I have taken back my support with sadness. I wanted to work for the people. They (ministers) have not taken the confidence of MLAs and are running the government; we’ve seen this in media repeatedly."

In 2008, R Shankar had contested from Sarvagnanagar constituency from a BJP ticket against KJ George of Congress and had secured a meagre 22,880 votes. In 2013, Shankar had contested as an independent and lost to KB Koliwad by a margin of 6788 votes. R Shankar has declared assets worth Rs. 265+ crores as against 2008 where his affidavit showed his assets as Rs one crore. In 2013 the four crores increased to Rs 93 crores that has expanded now to assets---as per his own affidavit--to over Rs 265 crores in 2018.

H Nagesh said "My support to the coalition government was to provide a good and a stable government which utterly failed. There is no understanding among the coalition partners. So, I have decided to go with the BJP to install a stable government."

H Nagesh who is an independent MLA from Mulbagal was a former member of Congress and an aspirant for Mulbagal's seat. Nagesh was not given Mulbagal's ticket by the Congress as the party decided to give the ticket to MLA G Manjunath.

However, Manujanth was found guilty of forging his caste by Karnataka High Court and Congress was forced to not contest the elections from Mulbagal. In the meantime, Nagesh declared his candidature from Mulbagal as an independent.

In an identical letter written to Governor of Karnataka, both MLA’s said, “I would like to bring to your kind attention that I am withdrawing my support extended to the coalition government of Karnataka headed by Congress and JDS parties with immediate effect. Requesting you to take necessary action.”