NEW DELHI: Independent Jammu and Kashmir legislator Engineer Rashid was attacked in Delhi by a group of unidentified persons who threw black ink on him. The lawmaker had been beaten by BJP legislators inside the state Assembly a few days ago for holding a ‘beef party.’

The ban on beef that has been made into a major issue by the Jammu and Kashmir BJP has been met with protests in Kashmir Valley. The Supreme Court has stayed the move for two months. Engineer Rashid decided to hold a beef part in the MLA’s hostel lawns in protest but as he told The Citizen he just got some food from the market, and did not even cook a dish on the premises. The next day he was virtually thrashed and was rescued by National Conference and Congress legislators while the PDP MLAs according to an interview to The Citizen at the time, stood by and watched.

Rashid, who is used to confrontation being from the border state in perpetual conflict, said after he was covered with ink, “this is the sign of what is happening in modi’s India, not Gandhi’s India.” Rashid added, “the world will see what India has turned into. They say Pakistan has been taken over by Taliban but look what’s happening here.”

Shouting 'Pakistan hai hai' and carrying placards which said 'Shashank Manohar murdabad', 'Shahryar Khan chale jao', Shiv Sena activists gheraoed Shashank Manohar in his office

Shiv Sena mob storms office of BCCI president Shashank Manohar

The attack comes after media reports quoting ‘sources’ and suggesting that the BJP president Amit Shah had summoned senior leaders and told them to desist making statements on beef and other such divisive issues. However, in less than a day the Shiv Sena, clearly not impressed with its coalition partner in Maharashtra, stormed the BCCI office of president Shashank Manohar warning him against holding a scheduled meeting with his Pakistan counterpart Shahryar Khan, Shouting slogans against the cricket authorities, and carrying placards the Shiv Sena mob of about 50 made it clear that any such meeting would not be allowed to be held. Subsequently it was said that the meeting had been shifted to Delhi as clearly the Maharashtra government was unable to intervene.

Pakistan and beef remain on top of the right wing agenda currently, with both issues being raked up by the Shiv Sena and the RSS affiliated organisations respectively. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is reportedly “angry” with the statements by several leaders, with beef being rejected as a campaign issue by the Bihar voters. And even more so with ally Akali Dal coming out with a strong statement urging the BJP and the government to rein in their “rotor mouths.”