CHENNAI: AIADMK leader and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has again demonstrated her intolerance of criticism with the arrest of a folk singer S.Kovan on charges of sedition. The Chennai police who picked up the singer from his residence in Trichy claims that he made derogatory remarks against the CM.

Kovan’s songs were against liquor and had been uploaded on YouTube earlier this month. Moodu Tasmac Moodu’ ( and ‘Ooruku oru Sarayam’ ( were a strong critique of the state policy with the second one carrying critical references to the Chief Minister who has acquired a reputation for not being able to accept any level of criticism. The song basically questions her for enjoying life at her plush residence while people die in the state because of high liquor consumption. Interestingly, the lyrics also speak of a distillery Midas in which Jayalalitha’s aide Sasikala is said to have stakes.

The songs have gone viral according to the state police with the Chief Minister worried about the impact on the Assembly elections next year. Kovan was arrested in the early hours of the morning and according to the local police charged with 124A (Sedition), 153A (Promoting enmity between different social groups and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony) and 505/1 (Criminal intimidation, insult and annoyance) of IPC.

Kovan himself heads the cultural wing of Makkal Kalai Ilakkiya Kazhagam (People’s Art and Literary Association). This has been active in raising a voice for the weaker sections of society for over 30 years now.