You may have heard Shelley's famous line which asks, “If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?”

Then there is the old adage that goes “This too shall pass.”

I have been waiting both for spring to come and for “This” to pass, but it is not happening. Petrol is touching a century, diesel is not far behind.

Are we still in winter, waiting eagerly for achhe din to spring? Or is it the period of thaw between winter and spring, when animals emerge from hibernation, the grass greens and frozen rivulets begin to expand. New life is about to take birth. Forest trails are dimly visible. Still we are short of the actual spring, when flowers will be in full bloom and there will be happiness, abundance and plenty all around.

If “This” is the present government, will it pass, either to come back again, or to pass the baton to someone else who will bring the promised days every Indian dreams of. Moses roamed 40 years before reaching the promised land, but did he achieve achhe din?

India also suffered at the hands of invaders numerous times and fought for its independence with the British. Was that “spring” for India and how long did it last because “that” too passed long ago.

Leaders have come and leaders have gone, things have improved but remain well short of spring. India has been at war since independence, internally and externally, and is still in wait for “that” bad time to pass. Body bags of soldiers are increasing in number every day, and have not got us close to any kind of peace. The graves of terrorists and innocents alike lie six feet under, fighting for that unseen and unheard spring, bringing no results.

The seasons for India have yet not changed. We think we’re moving towards spring but we go back to winter. The common man has yet to see the sun and bask in its warmth.

How do “I” define my “spring”?

Give veterans OROP, will it be spring? Get hold of black money and distribute it to my fellow countrymen as promised, or build a house and create a job to suit everyone, will it give you that feeling?

Or let GST be paid by the government, along with income tax. I think there could be no better spring than paying no tax. Free electricity to all may definitely be a step towards spring. Free internet in India, would it be one of the yardsticks to show we have become a developed nation? The youth would be more than happy then, could it be declared as spring?

Today I as a citizen have passed through “this” and all “that”. I have seen the ups and downs of life and been through the pink and purple of health. Won a World Cup and lost quite a few. Planted a tree but could not stop jungles being cut down. I have done a lot of “swachh bharat” but did not see our people understand the real meaning of it.

I voted for people whom I did not know. People who did nothing worthwhile for their constituencies and got re-elected and did the same things all over again. I wanted to see brotherhood and I found a lot of divisive politics. I found only personal interests at the fore; national interests have always been on the back burner.

The spring has to come, or rather it has to be ushered in by good, efficient and user-friendly policies. How can we chip in, as people of this country, to increase our happiness quotient?

First, by voting responsibly. Second, by not letting anyone temper with our country’s fabric. Third, by being honest and law abiding citizens. Fourth, by educating everyone. And last but not least, by controlling our population. Our unity in diversity should be the trigger for a new spring.

All this is in our hands. If we the people can bear the storm together united, then definitely shall we welcome the spring. We all need to chip in. If we want someone else to clean our muck then let’s keep facing winter. The people of India need to rethink and re-focus on their priorities.

I am sure the phase we are going through shall pass. With the monsoon season about to end, we now need to gear up for a difficult winter but keep working on our collective mission to make our country better. Once we join hands “spring” won't be far behind.

Is it that simple? I wonder!

Jai Hind.