Dear Folks,

Had indicated it before but finally in a position to implement it. Taking a long sabbatical from active journalism— after ceaseless decades of work— and moving into pending book projects. Will, however, help with workshops and internship programs. And of course write articles.

The Citizen will continue with a younger team and a younger orientation. That will be visible as the days proceed and the younger more enthusiastic team starts making its presence felt.

Thanks for the amazing support over these years, writing without remuneration, subscribing with generosity, and helping us out whenever we were stuck for funds.. which was often. Words cannot express how much this meant as we are a small enterprise, not funded by any corporate or political grouping as I guess that while we remained reluctant they too saw us as a bit too independent. We managed entirely on your support.

We hope you will continue to support the young team that will be counting on you!

Thank you again,

The Citizen is You!

Seema Mustafa