NEW DELHI: It was expected ever since Channel 4 broke the story of a Bangalore executive running a Twitter account carrying the latest and most detailed information about the Islamic State. The Bangalore police picked up 24 year old Mehdi Masroor Biswas from his home in the city. But even the police, after the initial interrogation, had to admit that he was not a terrorist, had no links with the Islamic State, except a passion for collecting information about the militants and supplying it through the Twitter Handle @ShamiWitness.

His worried parents in Kolkata said that he had told them that he could be picked up “any moment” and he was. Biswas told the media just before the arrest that he was not @ShamWitness and had lied to Channel 4. He was terrified that he would be beaten and tortured by the police. His fate currently is uncertain although Twitter supporters are out in strength defending him.

The Twitter account bearing the name @ShamiWitness has been one of the most vocal voices online on the war in Syria. By 2014, ShamiWitness had channeled his/her support to the Islamic State, defending the militant group from detractors and offering support to those who wished to join the fight.

With over 20,000 followers and a polite tone, ShamiWitness became one of the most prominent Islamic State (IS) supporter accounts. In fact, in terms of numbers -- tweets that were seen over two million times a month -- ShamiWitness was perhaps the most influential of the IS-supporter accounts.

“Two thirds of all foreign fighters on Twitter followed him (Shami Witness). When a fighter's Twitter account is suspended, he often promoted the new one and urged people to follow it,” Britain’s Channel 4 noted.

Shami Witness had tweeted IS execution videos, including that of Peter Kassig, which he tweeted five times within minutes of it being uploaded to the internet.

On Thursday evening, Channel 4 News claimed to discover the identity of ShamiWitness. The Channel claimed that ShamiWitness is actually an executive named Mehdi living in Bangalore with a Facebook page full of "pizza dinners with friends and Hawaiian parties at work."

The Channel apparently contacted Mehdi, whose full name has not been revealed. "If I had a chance to leave everything and join [the Islamic State] I might have," Mehdi reportedly said, adding that "my family needs me here."

The Twitter account has since been deleted, sparking its own reaction on the social media site.