Students from different universities of Delhi have volunteered to form a free spirited community school “Agaaz e taleem” under the aegis of CRY (CHILD RIGHTS and YOU).

The main aim of “Agaaz e Taleem” is improving education standards among the poor and underprivileged children mostly living in slums of Delhi who can’t afford to go to school or avail proper education.

“This group was formed in November 2017 with only few student volunteers but presently there are around 25-30 students mainly from Jamia Millia Islamia and Delhi University who go to different slums to teach children on volunteer basis . We go to these slums on alternative days as we have to look after our studies as well’’ said Ayansh, one of the member of “Agaaz e taleem”

Recently on the 97th foundation day (Talimi Mela) of Jamia Millia Islamia ‘’ we raised a good amount of fund from the audience who visited Talimi Mela and we also started an online campaign month ago and the response over there was also great” said Ayansh. The funds that “Agaaz e taleem” have raised till date are being utilized for the betterment of these children’s. They provide these kids with all stationary accessories like Pencils, notebook’s, colors etc.

Currently the main focus is on South Delhi’s Shram Vihar slum behind Delhi Metro yard where they teach around 20-25 children in a makeshift school. The children are between the age group of 4 to 13 years, some go to the nearby government school and come to this make shift school to take extra classes.

We pay Individual attention to each and every child, and have worked hard to create a welcoming atmosphere. More so, as most of the children have never been to school so we use different techniques to teach them and keep them motivated said a volunteer. “I don’t want to have a teacher student relation with these children. I want them to treat me as their friend” another added.