A video of a person named Sumit Kumar has been doing the rounds on the internet and various WhatsApp groups. The video is of Sumit Kumar Gupta, showing the deteriorating conditions of the locomotive engines used by Indian railways, further highlighting the disheartening conditions of the locomotive drivers employed.

Gupta, who is currently posted at Nagpur, has been working as a locomotive engine driver from the past 6 years. When asked about the video, Gupta said that the initial provisions that were introduced for the engines included an AC, a fridge and proper functioning doors for the drivers to provide services in comfort.

However, in the current scenario no AC had been installed in the chamber; the installed fridges had been removed because of low maintenance. Basic necessities like chairs were broken in most engines, or in some cases not present at all.

Gupta further added that the drivers even face severe health issues because of the excessive heat emitted by the engine. Many drivers have fainted on duty and even suffer from high blood pressure problems. He said that recently a driver died in Raipur because of the excessive heat conditions.

When asked about the salary received by the employees, Gupta said that they get a minimal salary of ₹30,000-₹32,000 for their services. He mentioned that they do get additional salary for the extra mileage covered by them, however, the salary received is so low that any additional money does not make much of a difference.

Gupta, along with others employed as locomotive drivers by the Indian railways is using social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp to reach out to the masses.They believe that this medium of communication would help their plea reach the government and some active measures would be taken to improve their conditions.