NEW DELHI: Road signs are typically associated with sombre stick figures and geometrical shapes. They’re meant to alert motorists to crossings, curves, and uneven roads; meant to issue instructions such as no honking or no entry; or relay messages such as speed limits and safe driving habits. In short, they’re typically fairly boring (albeit, important; always, always pay attention to and follow traffic signs).

In the Indian mountains road signs serve the same purpse. They ask you not to drink and drive, not to go over the speed limit, to watch sharp curves in the road, in short, to drive safely and responsibly. These signs, however, are anything but boring. They ask motorists to go “easy on their curves,” rightfully point out that “drinking whiskey makes driving risky,” and need a lesson in gender sensitivity when they instruct, “don’t gossip, let him drive.”

Here’s a look at some of the most creative road signs that dot the Indian Himalayas:

This sign that prohibits accidents altogether:

This sign that makes a case for taking it slow:

This sign that has no problem with vodka, wine, gine or anything but whisky:

And this sign that takes a dig at rum:

This sign that advocates loving thy neighbour:

And this sign that advocates love, but not always:

This sign that knows that tea at home should be all you need:

This sign that needs a lesson in gender equality:

And this sign that needs a lesson in gender equality:

This supremely considerate road sign, that thinks you’re having a better time than it is:

This sign that makes a good argument:

This sign that asks you to be considerate:

This sign that gives you bro-advice:

And this sign that makes a bro-appeal:

This sinister sign:

This sign that relays a socially conscious message:

This sign that makes a good point, spelling mistake aside:

And this sign that adds the sweet touch: