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Threads, Travels and Artistry

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Paper, fabric and air, flight, prose and art, colour spots, painted, scented dots. Art is being given quieter spaces, often tucked behind untamed walls of palatial pasts, passages leading to myriad thoughts, silken stories and winding garbs. Galleryske in Connaught Place, New Delhi brings together into its creative walls, works by two Italian artists, Isabella Ducrot and Andrea Anastasio.

Isabella Ducrot, an artist who lives and works in Rome, has widely exhibited around the world over a period of three decades. At her first Exhibition in India, Isabella Ducrot exhibits ethereal textile works using fabrics collected during her extensive travels across South and East Asia, displaying Isabella Ducrot’s understanding of fabric, its structure, symbolic qualities defining the structure of the individual mind and of society at large. She casts in her writing, the warp and the weft being as male and female elements, brought together in harmonious union in the making of textile.

Her series, Bende originale and Bende sacre, become a part of this Exhibition, Bende originale showcasing Tibetan gauze applied to paper, the result being that of a grid-like web, as fine as a spider’s, Bende Sacre invokes repetition of pattern common in Ottoman art on precious textile. Ducrot has also created an art work for the Galleryske space, spanning eighteen metres in length.

Alongside Ducrot’s work, Andrea Anastasio exhibits his third project with Galleryske and his first in Delhi, which also takes inspiration from his time and travels to India, encompassing design, sculptural installation, and photography. He brings to the gallery space, his photographic prints depicting the storage of textile, as well as vases made of Murano glass, woven through with thread, an intriguing marriage of material.

Prior to focusing on his art practice, Anastasio designed for Artemide, Memphis-Milano, Design Gallery-Milano, Sawaya & Moroni and Danese. He lives and works in Naples, Italy and has had recent solo exhibitions and projects with several galleries in Europe.

Lengths, rolls and stacks of fabric become a significant part of artistic stories of two distinct artists, woven singularly into individual art works; vivid photographs and installations, occupying significant art planes and empty walls within the creative environment of a gallery.

Two Italian artists, through their works displayed at a gallery are bringing in elements and observations from their daily lives which are being constantly influenced by tangible and intangible memoirs from their time spent around various towns and cities around the world.

Visit this Art Exhibition at: GALLERYSKE 1st Floor, Shivam House F14 Middle Circle Connaught Place, on till the 18th of January 2015.

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