NEW DELHI: One of the most frequently asked questions -- that has dumbfounded scholar and fan alike -- involves that secret ingredient that goes into making a successful career in football. Is it practise? Is it genes? Is it luck? Why are some countries better are producing footballers than others?

A combination of factors have been suggested, but nothing conclusively points toward the difference between football stardom and football struggle. That is … till now.

Based on extensive research (qualitative and quantitative), we have concluded that the key to a career in football is … wait for it … an individual’s resemblance to an animal.

Wait, what? Instead of arguing, let us demonstrate our point.

1. Luis Suarez looks like a llama

(Image credit: Talk Sport).

2. Alex Ferguson or a monkey?

(Image credit: Buzzfeed)

3. Gareth Bale aka Chimp

(Image credit: Talk Sport)

4. Robbie Savage equals Afghan Hound

(Image credit: Red Cafe)

5. Ruud Van Nistelrooy looks like a horse

(Image credit: Talk Sport)

(Image credit: Greatest People).

6. Luka Modric or a weasel?

(Image credit: Buzzfeed).

7. Peter Crouch, Mantis Prey

(Image credit: Buzzfeed)

(Image credit: Talk Sport)

8. Roy Hodgson or an owl?

(Image credit: Talk Sport).

9. Bacary Sagna’s porcupine inspiration

(Image credit: Porcupine)

10. And our favourite, Arsene Wenger who bears a striking resemblance to an eagle (checkout