NEW DELHI: Guess who’s back, back again… Okay, perhaps tad irrelevant given that they never went away, but All India Backchod have just posted their first video after the huge controversy sparked by their previous performance, the “AIB Knockout.”

For those of you who are going to say that the above paragraph is factually incorrect, given the AIB video on Net Neutrality -- shut it; it didn’t really count. The group posted, in two parts, a sketch titled 'Honest Weddings' — the third in a series that also includes 'Honest Diwali' (published Nov 2013) and 'Honest Indian Flights' (published June 2014).

In ‘Honest Weddings’ the plot revolves around a wedding between Poonam and Pankaj. The sketch includes discussions on the social evil of dowry, examines how grooms and their families typically view the bride-to-be, and comments on relationships in the age of technology.

Watch the videos below:

Honest Indian Weddings Part 1:

Honest Indian Weddings Part 2:

Watch Hone0st Indian Fights:

Watch Honest Diwali: