NEW DELHI: “I am Rahul and I do not understand the internet.” On reading that you probably think I am pot-bellied sixty five year old who still insists on reading my news a day late via hard copy. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I am rather “with-it” young lad. My internet usage probably exceeds yours and I am very well versed with the medium. Yet, and perhaps even because of, I do not understand the darn internet.

I do not understand why the articles I enjoy reading are rarely shared, but thing slike “Ten Things That Prove He’s The Perfect Man” appear on my newsfeed repeatedly. I do not understand why statuses that I like on Facebook are hardly liked, but that one superficial post on how today is a bad day garners hundreds of concerned comments. Most of all, I do not understand why the videos that I think are hilarious amass only a few hundred views, whereas the most annoyingly vapid material on YouTube generates million and millions of hits.

If you’re thinking, “psshhht Rahul, this just proves that you’re not as ‘with-it’ as you claim you are,” hold up. See these ten most viral cat videos on YouTube and then try and tell me that you understand the doggone internet.

10. Kittens inspired by kittens (19 million+ views)

9. Cats Playing Patty-cake, what they were saying (20 million+ views)

8. Dramatic cat (29 million+ views)

7. Charlie Schmidt's Keyboard Cat! - THE ORIGINAL! (40 million+ views)

6. Stalking cat (46 million+ views)

5. I are cute kitten (46 million+ views)

4. Cat mom hugs baby kittens (57 million+ views)

3. The two talking cats (59 million+ views)

2. Surprised kitty (75 million+ views)

1. Nyan cat (121 million+ views)