We all know that Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest comic strip ever. The lessons packed in the adventures of the six year old boy and his talking plush tiger have shaped my generation’s outlook of the world. Calvin and Hobbes taught me the importance of an unbridled imagination, the need to constantly question, the plus sides to getting into a little bit of trouble, and the value of friendship (and loyalty). The duo taught me that life will never be a cakewalk, but how much fun you have along the way is in your hands entirely… that, and no matter how bad it seems, there’s always worse, so keep your chin up.

So as Calvin and Hobbes covered friendships, love, relationships, success, failure and a host of other elements that make up life … it isn’t surprising that the duo have a brilliant insight into politics as well. Here are 13 lessons on Indian politics from Calvin and Hobbes:

1. This comic that explains how things work in India.

2. This comic that is the mantra of ALL our politicos

3. This comic that shows that Calvin, like Indian politicians, understands that religion applies to EVERYTHING (as and when it suits you, of course).

4. This comic that proves that Calvin knew of Arnab Goswami’s secret formula all along

5. Our censor board chief, who just censored kissing scenes in the new James Bond, needs to meet Calvin

6. Arvind Kejriwal and AAP may have learnt about power of the people from Calvin and Hobbes

7. This comic sums up Indian politics in general. As Calvin said, “Sooner or later, all our games turn into Calvinball”. The rules are made up as they go…

8. This comic that understands that finger selfies aren’t about caring about the country. Far from it.

9. This comic that applies equally to the statements made by our politicians.

10. This comic that all those politicos who are rewriting history need to see

11. This comic that knows the only solution to it all

12. This comic that understands how stupid politics is, no matter which side you’re on.

13. This lesson that all our politicians need to learn.