By now, most of you must have seen and would have been shocked at the ‘ruckus” raised by the seemingly drunken woman at the Ram Manohar Lohiya Hospital at Connaught Place. If not, then this is your chance to feast your eyes on the sensational histrionics of the visibly “smashed” girl, who had the time of her life berating a police officer and the doctor present there. She can be seen calling the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) a “bloody CMO” and an “a****le” a number of times. She also keeps very diligently asking him his name, which the poor guy fails to answer, quite dumbfounded, as she kept picking on him for being nothing but a lowly CMO who should be aware of his “aukaat”. Best of all, she throws in the standard ‘Do you know who my father is?’ -- Delhi’s favourite cliche.

Even the police officer isn’t spared the wrath of the woman. She demanded the immediate arrest of the two guys she earlier had an altercation with, and then tore off the page on which the officer was recording the details. The officer too seemed to be having his tail between his legs in front her, for no apparent reason, her constant threats of having a powerful father notwithstanding.

The whole fuss started at Connaught Place the same evening where near gate number 6 of the metro the girl rammed her Mercedes into a bike. The duo riding the bike then demanded justification for it and ended up having something much more enriching than that as she along with her male friend started abusing the duo and the bystanders, creating a scene at the bustling market with a constant refrain “you know who my father is”.

Now these clichés are there for a reason as they keep repeating themselves and as to why they characterize the Capital is amply established by the proceedings of the evening. One can choose to ignore the incident as just as a bad case of drunkenness where one had a few too many at a party to drink and then in the morning shrug it off saying “it’s all good in rock n roll” followed by a high five. But should we? Other than the high entertainment value of the theatrics- much of which is performed solo by the girl- it also tells us of the lopsidedness of our law and order, which is profoundly tilted in favor of the rich. Just imagine what would have happened had it been a middle class woman who had said those words to a policeman or even a middle class man. He would have received the beating of his life at the hands of the same cops, be slapped with colorful charges, and sent off to spend a long time in prison, perhaps. Much the same for a woman, albeit more humiliating.

The 26 year old has become very famous overnight on social media thanks to the video uploaded on Facebook. We wonder what the much bragged about ‘powerful’ father from CBI has to say about all this?

(This is an Opinion piece that appears on Young Citizen).