NEW DELHI: Prince William and Kate Middleton are in India on an official visit, but the attention that they are getting -- from the media and the public in India -- are quite unlike other official visits.

Take the Times Of India front page story on their visit, for one. TOI’s front page coverage of their event included the headline ‘Kate’s Marilyn Moment At India Gate’ -- where the leading publication was more interested in Kate’s dress blowing in the wind than they were on the purpose of the royal couple’s visit.

(Courtesy: Our friends at ScoopWhoop)

If that isn’t proof enough that this visit is unlike other official visits, the sight of children running around in Will and Kate masks should be clinching proof.

Still not convinced? Well, do other “official” visitors get greeted by fawning Bollywood-types?

Forget Bollywood-types, “official” visitors do not get welcomed by Bollywood-royalty unless they are well, real royalty.

Will and Kate were welcomed by the likes of Shahrukh Khan, Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at a lavish gala. “All of us present here have had a long-standing relationship with Great Britain and of course over the years it might have become closer,” SRK said. *cough - colonialism - cough*

Most importantly, “official” visitors definitely do not get such angry reactions from non-Bollywood types regarding said Bollywood-types photo-op.

“Prince William be like, "Damn, this is a little confusing. My family unlawfully took away their land and made them our slaves for a couple hundred years. We also took away their rights, spices and Kohinoor. And almost got Bhuvan to pay dugna Lagaan. But still, when I come over, they fight tooth and nail to be on the guest list to attend my party, and are desperate as hell for a picture with me which gets uploaded under the hash tag "‪#‎proud‬". Bad move letting go of this country. Screw you, Gandhi (oh, and yeah, thank you white skin)."