Shiv Nadar University, Dadri, is conducting a TEDx event on the university campus on the 13th of November. TED, or Technology Entertainment Design, is a non-profit organization devoted to 'Ideas Worth Spreading' and TEDx was created in the spirit of that very mission. At TEDx events, a combination of live presenters and TED Talk videos spark deep conversation and connections at a local level.

TEDxShivNadarUniversity will have talks on a wide range of topics by speakers from diverse fields, from chefs to travel photographers, models to scientists, and authors to lawyers. Some of the speakers include Amrita Mahale, a rocket scientist turned Author, Udayan Baijal, a movie producer and the assistant director of Zero Dark Thirty, and Vaibhav Mehta, a travel photographer who has first-handedly experienced communal riots. It will be a full day event from 10 am to 4 pm and will involve a lot of thinking, listening, interaction and food for thought.

For a long time, I have been coming across people who would come up with marvellous ideas at random, and within a few minutes, would forget about it. I could imagine the impact these ideas would have on the world if they were discussed and brought to life. I think we need to start the culture of discussing and seeing through the ideas in our community, for the ripples that even the smallest ones might create have the potential to change our lives completely. There are millions of brilliant ideas and stories out there, just waiting to be discovered. We simply want to give them a platform to spread their unique ideas and watch as they transform into reality , says the Curator Ritwik Kumar.

So make sure to mark your calendars, as the day is going to be jam-packed with a number of spectacular events which are sure to surprise and astound you!

Abeer Choubey,
Sponsorship Team.
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