I’m glad Trump won. There, I said it. And I have all the reasons why.

2016. Islamophobia is at its highest. Throughout the world, we see allegiances and rants against Muslims. Hate is the only noun that surfaces when Islam is brought up. It’s become a synonym for us. Barbarity, in general, was at a pinnacle. Most people lost hope in humanity. I was one of them. I strongly believed that there’s no turning back from where we’re headed. And Trump’s promises spelled an inevitable doom.

And then the unprecedented happened. January 6, 2017. Trump had been elected to rule the most powerful state of the world. I tore at my hair. I hoped for miscalculations or errors. I wanted it to be a dream. Yet, it wasn’t. We had to accept it.

Let’s face the truth. Hillary was no saint. And “better” doesn’t suffice for you to be elected president. Her, being in charge, wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t stop the bombs. It wouldn’t stop the massacre or plunder. It wouldn’t stop little kids being orphaned or mothers being widowed. It wouldn’t stop the funding of Israel. It wouldn’t stop US from any of their crimes really. Trump is like a person who stabs you while facing you.

This week, Trump signed an executive order which led to the ban of refugees and people from 7 Islamic states to enter into the US. What happened next blew my mind. Just when I thought I was done with expecting humanity and support, the world proved me wrong. The protests that followed made me reevaluate my judgement. From giant companies like Twitter and Facebook to the common public out on the streets, all came out against the immigration ban.

I’ve never witnessed such an amazing turn out for Muslims especially in the US. I never expected it to be denied and condemned by so many. From actors and CEOs to surprisingly some of the US Government officials, all who stood up, moved me with their support and courage.

When Islamophobe and hate is being pushed up against your face from television to social media, it sends out the strongest of messages about us. No matter what condition we’re in, no matter how much hate and scorn you try to build up, no matter how much you try to instigate us, we’re humans and humanity shall prevail.

So I’m glad Trump became President and expressed his views openly on Islam. I’m happy that as POTUS is a chauvinistic, radical and racist man. Because the people stand up against him and all that he believes in. For once, they set aside race, sex and religion to raise their voice against a common enemy. They give us hope for a future. In these dire times, that’s all to live by.

(This is an opinion piece that appears in the Young Citizen section of ‘The Citizen’ and as such, does not necessarily represent the views of the publication)