Poor Manohar Parrikar is living in fear… Oh you see the damsels are guzzling beer…!! Apparently, the frown lines on his forehead are now increasing by the minute as women have taken social media by storm posting pictures of them drinking beer. It’s a little too much for his poor feni-infused brain to handle and therefore must be in the throes of doing a foamy jig!

Frankly, I haven’t laughed so much in a while… In fact, I must thank the man for giving a whole lot of us a ‘happy’ belly ache after all the giggling. With chilled beer in our hands…and as the sun shone down on us…a balmy, warm Sunday afternoon was indeed special as we raised a toast to Mr. FearOHar Parrikar!!

The fact that a Chief Minister and someone who was also served as a Defence minister has made such a sexist comment is unpardonable… Never a dull moment when these patriarchal morons climb out of the woodwork, with their gender biased comments frothing from their mouths.

His statement reeks of insecurity while he throws forth and exhibits a typical male attitude and ego that is unable to handle the modern, strong woman who can and will do anything she pleases as it is her life and her wish. The independent woman has made it and is here to stay.

Women are strong enough to face any challenge head-on, even without a support system in place. Independent women are exhibiting traits that are unfortunately intimidating men. Given this growing ascendancy, one might surmise that men have started to feel emasculated, put off by financially independent, strong women who make their own way and do their own thing. Some people opine that men are less attracted to a woman who is on an equal or higher level when it comes to matters of the pocketbook or education, and that a successful woman should dumb herself down to get a man.

Obviously, all men are different, and to generalize an entire gender would be wrong. There will always be men, regardless of how much the times change, who hold up the male chauvinism glory days of the 1950s as the golden social model. With that said, for the most part, men are not intimated by strong and successful women. In fact, most men find these qualities very attractive and will brag to their friends and family about what a smart, great girl they have found. Thank goodness for small mercies.

Independent women own everything that they are, and that’s rare to find in a world that tends to obsess over the opinions of others. It’s like this: If you don’t approve of our hairstyle, outfit, lunch choice or general outlook on life and our drinking ways… We actually care a hoot about your opinion and will do whatever we please. So now you have two options: accept us as we are or step aside and zip up that nasty mouth foaming like a beer keg.

One could also say that Manohar Parrikar’s remarks are actually matching with the BJP’s narrow-minded thinking and intolerant views. The chronic foot in the mouth syndrome that they suffer from is in full-view again.

The bottom line is that anyone who falls in the ‘legally permitted age’ can do whatever the hell he/she likes – it is for them to take a decision as they are responsible for what they decide to do or not to do. The onus lies on them and not on any other person. My life… My rules… My decision.

And now as the sun sets… It’s time to pour myself a large Old Monk (Heaven Forbid… A woman drinking Rum!!) And raise a toast to all those that give us those endless laughs with their mindless chatter!