19 September 2020 03:05 PM



A Mother's Cry

A Mothers cry

We live in tragic times... There is a dark and evil world out there. Terror seems to linger in every nook and corner. The good ones are fighting to survive... Trying to change the bad into good. To bring back... Peace... Humanity... Kindness... Solidarity... A reason to celebrate ‘life’. It should be easy, but it is not.

Each new day, a mother wakes up with dread and trepidation for she knows not what is in store for her children. Every new dawn should be welcoming...raising hope and positivity. But alas, it is not to be for there are, not just one or two, but endless reasons to worry and live under constant strain and pray endlessly.

A soldier’s mother cries for her child who is fighting for his country and who takes on this duty with no concern for the safety of his life but only for the safety of his country and countrymen. Her child is not only under constant danger and threat from the enemy but is also fighting a constant battle against his own people who often let him down.

A student’s mother cries today as she is not sure if her child is getting an education that her child so rightly deserves but is rather mortified for her child’s safety against mistreatment/ragging/kidnappers/rapists and now terrorists. Is this what an institution designed for systematic teaching and passing on of knowledge has been reduced to? A centre of learning has been reduced to a centre of fear.

A young girl’s mother cries for her safety...she is worried every second her child moves around unsupervised. This is not natural...living in constant dread and worry. How will we ever allow our children to understand and learn the meaning of the words: “To be independent... To learn to stand on your own two feet... To understand confidence... To feel liberated... To be self-reliant and self-sufficient”.

A young boy’s mother cries for her son’s safety as he deals with peer pressures; the evils of alcohol and drugs that are rampantly available, handling delinquents who roam the streets freely and uncontrolled, the need for speed that pushes them towards reckless driving etc. to name a few. Social cliques are not what they were as when we grew up... RIP Innocence!!

And don’t forget a mother’s cry against those that are out to divide her Motherland with messages of hate and communal tensions. Her country that is known for its religious and cultural diversity, and a multi-ethnic society that speaks of love and tolerance towards one and all, now bleeds from within as traitors spread hatred and terror.

How are mothers to protect their young one from being groped...ogled at...demeaned...abused...discriminated against... It is a never ending list of atrocities. How have we allowed things to reach this stage? How have we allowed them to get so out of hand that there are no strictures to control this spiralling mess?

Can anyone out there hear this cry as a mother pleads...begs...demands for her children’s safety...for their innocence to be protected...for their rights to live life as normal and carefree children... Does anyone care? A mother cries for her children and her country... But in vain.

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