19 September 2020 02:40 PM



A Big No to the 'Aubergine' Brigade!!

I shake my head vigorously and vehemently every time I am told, “This is in fashion! This is the latest that people are wearing. Didn’t you know that?” Hmmm... Really!! And in which planet would that be? Is what I would like to ask but I keep my mouth shut for lack to anything to say to this absolutely boring conversation. Yawn!! Seriously, I have nothing profound to add to this. My mind is bereft of any pointers in this topic.

I wear what I am comfortable in... And what I look good in. Isn’t that of primary importance? I mean, how can I possibly dress in something that may be in ‘fashion’ but looks absolutely ridiculous on me. I seriously don’t understand these fashion statements and headlines that state what is in vogue and then you have hordes following them blindly. I personally believe, if you wear an outfit that suits you, looks good on you and you can carry it off with aplomb... Well, that’s fashion.

I watch people all the time... Looking highly uncomfortable and well, plain funny in ‘costumes’. I call them costumes as a majority look like they are ‘dolled up’ for a stage performance and let’s be clear, I would not be caught dead in them no matter which haute couture ‘designer’ or ‘fashionista’ has chosen to bring it in the limelight!

I can’t figure out what they mean by the colour of the season... I mean if it’s supposedly purple, then we must prepare ourselves for the welcoming of the ‘aubergine’ brigade! We all have different skin types/pallor/body shapes so how can you generalize and come up with ‘colour of the season/dress of the season’ and what not.

Basically, one does need a certain amount of common sense and an eye for detail to dress appropriately and not follow the ‘band wagon’ blindly. Believe in yourself, your inner beauty, your confidence, your aura and you won’t go wrong. You need to have faith in yourself first before going headlong into wild fashion trends.

What irks me or rather amuses me is when people are dressed all wrong for specific occasions. I mean, clomping around in high heels and stilettoes in hilly terrain is highly bizarre and mind-boggling. At first, I am quite impressed with anyone who can totter up a hill-side in four inch heels with a smile on their faces while I make my way up in sneakers or trekking-boots. But here’s the thing, if I watch them long enough, the smile turns into a squirm and then into a twisted, contorted evil look and a little while later, I bump into a shorter version plodding around in flats like... Well, ‘me’!! So much for fashion.

And then there are those who glitter and shimmer and they shine... Oh So Bright! That the light could blind you instantly. Emmm, I do call them Christmas trees and if you could connect them to a power socket, they would light up a corner instantly! Wicked I know but right on the money.

A definite No! No! And I say that with fervour are tight-fitting clothes that look like they are about to rip at the seams. Wearing clothes two sizes smaller or squeezing yourself into itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie clothes are a bit too much to handle. I think different sized clothes were meant for a reason and a good reason at that.

Layers of make-up are distasteful... How much time does go into this process I often wonder? And what lies under? Can we see the ‘real’ person ever or never? In my opinion, you can be either chic and graceful or dapper and debonair without all the bling and ostentatious paraphernalia. Elegance and style go hand in hand when done with minimal effort.

You would be right to conclude after all this, that I hate ‘shopping’. The very word makes me cringe. When I need something, I buy it within minutes. It is a ‘need-based’ process. You will never find me sauntering in shops and malls... and if I am forced to do it, I would probably be the grumpiest soul around.

My wardrobe is a happy, uncluttered place that gives a me a comfortable pair of Jeans and a T for casual wear, Formal wear for work, a dress or two that I genuinely love, my Grand-mother’s saris, some ethnic wear and all these with the ‘right’ shoes to match. Most things have been with me for donkey’s years...and continue to provide good yeoman’s service. The ‘never repeat a dress’ policy totally cracks me up. Gulp!

I raise a toast to the classy ones... The rest may continue to ‘Bedazzle’!!

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