28 September 2020 05:09 PM



The Plot is...But Lost

“We’ve forgotten to respect ourselves and so how can we be trusted to respect others.”

I am deeply pained by the ‘happenings’ going on in our country as well as the turmoil existing in other nations... And it doesn’t matter if it is an underdeveloped nation or a developing one or even a developed one for that matter, for they are all facing a crisis situation. Any ‘normal’ person would be equally disturbed as to what is happening today as it is not only sad but disgusting. In a true sense, it does appear as if a vast majority of us humans have lost all feelings and emotions and have turned into cold, detached robots, hardened against wrongdoings and in favour of atrocities instead of joining hands for the sake of stability.

I am all for free speech and the freedom to write... After all I do the same and would want to continue to enjoy the freedom to pen down my thoughts and views. But I am totally against anyone attacking different religions and people’s personal faiths. I must applaud Pope Francis for his views on the Charlie Hebdo situation. Voice your opinions but don’t bring down another. We are all equal and need to let go of the ‘superiority complex’ that exists abundantly.

No one has the right to defame or criticize another religion... And no one has the right to kill in the name of religion. Lately, there are innumerable discussions and rude deliberations openly exhibited on social sites. It amazes me to see the rubbish people come out with in the name of religion and then getting all het up and lashing out at others, behind the so-called garb of protecting their ‘own’ religion. Lesser facts and more fiction seem to be the order of the day.

The thing is that we have forgotten to enjoy what is called ‘life’. We’ve forgotten to live, breathe, enjoy each day as a blessing. We take things for granted...chase after meaningless stuff...worry about futile issues...fight over pointless ideologies. If you are alive today...then you are blessed. Chase your dreams...live life...laugh...make memories. The point is to become better human-beings...to make a positive difference to society in any small way possible, to love and be loved.

This is no preaching... I am but stating the obvious. We all have lost the plot. In our quest to bring down the other...bring down someone else’s religion...push ahead for personal gains...satisfy our materialistic gains and the new paradigm of ‘fighting an unwanted war’ for any and every little thing.

We’ve forgotten to respect ourselves and so how can we be trusted to respect others. There is not even a tiny space left to hear another view point leave alone understand it. Come on... The reality is that everyone has an opinion on anything and everything... So be it. That doesn’t mean we get riled up and resort to violence and bloodshed and annihilation. But there are thin, invisible lines that need to be respected and not crossed. We need to understand this.

There is no longer a mid-point. We are always balancing ourselves on the edge or rather fumbling out there... And thus we invariably are looking down at an abyss, waiting to suck us in if we are not careful. It takes little or nothing for people to go off like a loose cannon and situations to get out of hand.

I may be a ‘small fry’ but coming from a background that proudly boasts of inter-faith and inter-caste marriages and one that believes in respecting all religions and faiths, I am not happy when I am told that my family is ‘like a zoo’ or when callous individuals pass remarks against any one religion or send me offending emails and messages on the same... But that doesn’t mean I let out a war-cry and set out to avenge the wrong doers.

The bottom line is that we need to start concentrating on our side of the fence and cleaning up the filth before we point fingers at others. It’s only when we do our little bit and deal with the internal mess can we make a difference in the larger picture. Respect for others and tolerance of viewpoints and educating the masses is what the crux of the matter is.

We should all hang our heads in shame for the innocent lives that have been lost for no fault of theirs. Rest In Peace Humanity... Unfortunately, the plot is...but lost!

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