Sal(Man) you killed a Man, and you need to go to jail. You may be a star, a huge star, the blockbuster variety,but you killed another human and you’ve got to pay for it just like anyone else, just like any other ordinary mortal would for the very same offence.

Having been a victim of drunk, rash and negligent driving, I have no sympathies for you. The only difference is that I did not get killed. It is a miracle that I am alive but I nearly lost my left arm, and I am not going down the road again to explain to you the physical and mental trauma that I underwent. But yes, the justice system is too slow, actually it crawls and I am yet to see the light of a fair trial and no way close to a punishment being awarded to the perpetrators.

The culprits in my case got out on bail too... yes, just like you... I wasn’t there to time it but I guess you could give them some competition or vice versa on who got out faster. The only difference is that you are a star, and almost got away. They paid underhand money, they got their way too.

I am sorry but I truly have no sympathy for you. I also have no sympathy for the ‘Bollywood Brigade’ that has come out in support of you and your deeds. In fact, I think I have lost all respect for the said fraternity. What are they even thinking? Coming out with the most inane logic and most idiotic of responses to your jail time and punishment, some even giving you a clean-chit and some spewing the most ludicrous statements that makes me shake my head and ask, “Do you people have grey matter at all? And do you people have a conscience?”

When it comes to doing good deeds, helping out the needy, coming together to support a tragedy or even a national disaster, there are just a handful of Bollywood stars that do their bit. But when it comes to one of their own fraternity facing ‘jail time’ that is justified, there is uproar like no other. Displaced priorities is it? Strange but true. The legal system catches up, you can run but you can’t hide forever. No matter how slow it is in our country right now, but it does plod its way to ‘Judgement Day’.

There is no way that one can sympathise with irresponsible behaviour that leads to not only endangering the lives of other humans. But killing them too? After all, every life is precious and as valuable as any other. There are no distinctions other than being labelled by society as being rich or poor, educated or uneducated, a pavement dweller or a house owner. They are self-styled ‘labels’, and I have no time for them. I only believe that we are all living mortals, we have been given something beautiful called ‘life’ and so we all eat, breathe, live.,, just like the one next to you and around you. And so, we are equal and must be treated the same.

Au Revoir Salman, you must pay. It is your time in hell.