It was just waiting to happen and finally it did. On April 8 at the White House ceremony to congratulate Ketanji Brown Jackson on her confirmation to the post of Supreme Court judge, amidst politicians congratulating Jackson and all round applause, US President Joe Biden began to say, “America is a nation that can be defined in one word…”, stumbled and began to talk about the foothills of the Himalayas and about his journey with Chinese President Xi Jinping. “That’s when I drove 17,000 miles when I was vice president. But that’s not certain…”

The audience was shocked. The teleprompter had malfunctioned but the truth dawned: what was being laughed off as gaffes over the years was creeping dementia. What better for America’s deep state than to have a goofy in White House who can be played around like a football to do their bidding. It may be recalled when Donald Trump took over as president he wanted to improve relations with Russia, and met Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the deep state turned him round because NATO would be jobless with good Russia-EU relations.

The US always wanted to dismember Russia for which the better time was in the 1990s and 2000s when Russia was weak with its resources plundered through bribes by the West. But America was busy bombing or invading Afghanistan, Bosnia, Cambodia, China, Congo, Cuba, El Salvador, Korea, Guatemala, Indonesia, Laos, Libya, Grenada, Iraq, Iran, Korea, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Nicaragua, Panama, Palestine, Peru, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam, Yemen and Yugoslavia.

American politicians also feared Soviet Russia’s nuclear weapons – same as the case today. Interestingly, American experts had predicted the Soviet Union would not have nuclear weapons until the mid-1950s, but the first Soviet nuke was detonated on August 29, 1949 – named “First Lightning” by the West.

Vladimir Putin’s presidency was inaugurated in the Kremlin on May 7, 2012. On the very first day, Putin issued 14 presidential decrees, including a lengthy one stating wide-ranging goals for the Russian economy. Putin’s arrival was bad news for America’s deep state because he took control and ruthlessly cleaned up the system, banishing Western moles.

NATO expansion in Eastern Europe was breaking the promise given at the time of Soviet Union’s disintegration that NATO would not expand East of Germany. NATO expanded to 30 countries to include Baltic States. Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 was the first foreign venture by Russia compared to over a dozen countries bombed, invaded and ravaged by the US-NATO. However, it was used as an excuse to propagate that Putin wants to reestablish the erstwhile Soviet Union which was not the case. In Ukraine too, Russian plans are limited to liberating the Donbas region and opening the land-link to Crimea through Mariupol, which it has already achieved.

In 2005 the Pentagon signed a deal to develop and store dangerous pathogens in bio-labs of Ukraine; it is similarly funding bio-labs in another 24 countries. America wanted Ukraine to be part of NATO to enable missile deployments bang on the border with Russia whereas Russia wanted Ukraine neutral – a buffer between NATO and Russia. Concurrent to the Russian capture of Crimea, the CIA and MI6 were training neo-Nazis in Azov to attack the Donbas region of Eastern Ukraine having a majority Russian-speaking population.

Looking for an underling in Ukraine, the CIA noticed the clown Volodymyr Zelenskyy dancing in high heels and shimmying his bare bottom while serenading EU-NATO playing the piano. He is a Jew who grew up as a native Russian-speaker in Kryvyi Rih, a major city of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in central Ukraine. He hated Orthodox Russians of Ukraine more that other citizens – same as Pakistan’s Musharraf who though a Mohajir, hated India even more. Zelensky was also adept at media manipulation and histrionics while running a comedy TV company.

Zelensky was installed as President of Ukraine through a CIA-sponsored coup in 2019. Whether he was put through a neo-Nazi training capsule is unknown but genocide under him is at par with Daesh, if not more. Photographs of Ukrainians publicly abused and tied to poles or trees and left to die have been posted in articles on this website [] earlier.

The Ukrainian social media has been circulating video of a captured Russian woman sniper being beaten, kicked and abused naked in the cold. India’s judiciary wanting more women in the army should see this. These judges have no idea of the conflict environment with Pakistan and China and they couldn’t care less because they won’t send their daughters to the army. But they should know that women soldiers in our combat arms might as well carry cyanide capsules when going into the frontline.

The true nature of Ukraine’s Nazi barbarity can be seen from the photo circulating on Ukrainian social networks: laughing over the dead body of a Russian soldier chained to a steel ‘hedgehog’ anti-tank obstacle, tortured and burnt while still alive. This is the Anglo-Saxon version of Daesh in the middle of Europe.

Biden and Zelensky would be gloating over such photographs and videos but the UN Secretary General António Guterres should be ashamed of having blamed Russia for genocide in Bucha on unproved charges and dropping it from the UNHRC. Did Guterres bother to find out what the CIA and MI6 trained neo-Nazis and Western mercenaries are doing in Ukraine? How would Biden and Zelensky feel if Russians tortured and burnt alive Ukrainian troops and Biden’s Butchers of War – mercenaries?

Zelensky was entertained at the White House by Biden in September 2021. What was discussed between them is not known but follow-up events in Ukraine, as under, indicate what the meeting was about.

. Ukrainian raised a query with Turkish drone manufacturer Baykar Makina in December 2021, whether Turkish Bayraktar TB2 and Akinci drones could carry 20 litres of aerosolised payload to a range of 300 km. The obvious intention is chemical/biological attacks in Russia and Belarus.

. Ukraine intensified the genocide in the Donbas region and began regular shelling from early February 2022 to force a Russian reaction.

. The Bucha killings of 300 or more civilians were undertaken by the neo-Nazis, mercenaries and terrorists under directions of the CIA-Pentagon with comedian Zelensky providing concocted media coverage.

. Shelling, rocketing and missile firing is being done by Ukrainian forces. Zelensky has no compunctions targeting civilians to show these hits are by Russia, whereas Russia has been targeting military installations, infrastructure and the military-industrial complex.

Jens Stoltenberg and Ursula von der Leyen have no idea that Biden views them as his sidekicks, taking both NATO and the EU for a ride on the plank of an Anglo-Saxon Crusade. Washington’s plan to block the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was part of America’s aim to block Western Europe (NATO) and the EU from becoming prosperous through mutual trade and investment with China and Russia: even though Europe and even the United States cannot fulfil their energy demands without imports from Russia. Besides, Europe is already experiencing high inflation and looking at the coming recession.

Biden’s aim is the rise of the dollar; the downfall of the Euro does not matter. However, things are not going as per plan for Washington. The latest is that Russia will sell uranium to the US for its 93 nuclear power reactors in Rubles. The US also wants Russian minerals and fertilizers and the EU continues to buy USD 1.1 billion worth of gas daily from Russia. The Ruble is stronger than it was before Russia launched special operations in Ukraine on February 24 and the dollar is going weak.

Biden is bent upon fuelling the conflict in Ukraine with Britain’s Boris Johnson jumping around like an excited pooch. Russia is being instigated more with news that Sweden and Finland are likely to be made NATO members. Sanna Marin, prime minister of Finland recently visited Washington and appears to have been bribed well. Sweden only shares a maritime border with Russia but Finland has a 1,340 km land border with Russia.

Finally, the demented psychotic couple of Biden-Zelensky appears a curse for Ukraine, for Europe and NATO (though both don’t realise it), humanity and the US itself, which will witness the downfall of the dollar after the humiliation in Afghanistan.

Lt Gen Prakash Katoch is an Indian Army veteran. First published in

Cover Photograph Rodrigo Abd / AP