11 May 2021 12:52 PM


About Us

The Citizen is bold.
The Citizen is young.
The Citizen poses questions.
The Citizen is never satisfied with an answer.
The Citizen looks at the big picture.
The Citizen is interested in every detail.
The Citizen is inquisitive.
The Citizen is independent.
The Citizen is irreverent.
But never irrelevant.
The Citizen is you.
Aman Hasan Kumar
Gayeti Singh
Assistant Editor
Ananya Singh
Consulting Editors
Abdul Gani
Anica Mann
Asheesh Mamgain
Jehangir Ali
Mehru Jaffer
Rajeev Khanna
Ranju Dodum
Rashmi Oberoi
Shoma A.Chatterji
Shubhda Chaudhary
Basit Zargar
Administrative Team
Fuljames Toppo
Manoj Rao
Technical Head
Ravi Roi
Founding Editor
Seema Mustafa
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