I feel hollow inside after the marriage equality verdict because once again, and o so sweetly, cisgender, heterosexual people have slammed the door in our faces, using up all their legalised political, economic, social, sexual violent means.

The upshot of this verdict is we are not considered mentally sound consenting adults and the laws of secular marriage will drift in step with religious laws. Together with lowered castes and religions, we will be denied legal remedy for the cisgender, heterosexual violence of landlord, employer, neighbour, family owner, policeman, lawyer, khap.

If there are so many oppressed by these oppressors surely we can ally with each other, reach out to live and work together to build and protect free, intelligent, heartful private and public moments that do not defer or wait to convince these smug and proliferating police.

Scripture they do not read, priests they do not know, orthodox they do not meet, fathers and mothers they rebel against, wives and husbands they argue with, rulers and their secretaries they bitch about – all come together in a magic soup now when the time is right to purse their lips and say ‘No.’

Their misanthropic upbringing, their ragged olders who broke them and still take a swipe at them, their teachers who screamed and hit them and cut them up so softly, their governments who rob and rape them, their seniors who rag them, their bosses who humiliate them, their slavers… They have no time to live or breathe, no time to think or do what they would. They don’t know what they want they have forgotten if they know it – now it’s our time for the stick. For daring to be free or freer than them, just a little beyond, having braved the same or worse, for daring to want the different (which they call “the same”) it’s out for us it’s out with us it’s out.


These sisters and brothers these husbands and wives, these governors and lawyers, these judges and judged, have destroyed the world and more. They are driving a mass extinction – their witless smug faces, oppressed childhoods and emotions repressed under cold blooded eyes and pancake faces, their education their degrees their “skills”, their guns their expertise their sacksful of money, their neutralised eliminated engaged intercepted lynched encountered kills… In the wake of a pandemic they’d know nothing about and did less to stop, they just bombed a hospital, they’d bomb their own temple for votes, for power… milording it over us they have fucked up terribly and now for us the stick, and worse, and more.

No we’re not alone, of course we’re not alone, they and they and they’re suffering too – and who am i to say we? So I want you to know that I understand why you do this, why you won’t let us marry or unionise or even adopt. We’re better than you and you know it. We have freed ourselves and others from the cage of heteropatriarchy, and we help you see it too, when you let us.

O heteros of Two sexes. We are not looking for the origin of species but the origins of future human constructions.

Marriage should be to lots of people in a big house, kids or no.

We won’t hit our kids or beat the feminine out of the Boys and masculine out of the Girls creating two warped and soulless empty hollowed out traumatised categories.

We won’t call the scars of Heterosexual Patriarchal Violence growing up or “maturity.”

We raise our kids not to bully your own or laugh and hit and strip them till they die inside or burn them alive or make them kill themselves.

Or maybe some of us will - like so many of you don’t - cause we’re people too and you know it.

Allies, you must step up now and look for us in every eye you meet and see yourselves in it. You are called to beat down the auntys and uncles and their nameless young equivalents by unnumbered ghosts. Their co-religionists, of all sorts and sounds but all with a similar expression: Contempt. Cosy supremacist bigotry. The will to be a law enforcing mechanism.

The pearls in endless dark would gather shells and flesh and ocean weep sighs of foam entrails of beautiful dark Sky Horse in restless Summer.

O heteros of determinate gender. Marriage should be lots of people in a big house, kids or no. And your Law should do something about the orphans.