Starting out as a personal passion, Zahara Skincare luxurious blends draw on age-old Kashmiri skincare traditions with their use of unconventional ingredients.

The brand has incorporated local beauty secrets and combined them with their own innovations, opening a gateway to products that are natural , organic and actually work!

With an extensive range to choose from Zahara Skincare boasts products like their 24k Gold serums which are plant stem cell based, snail slime serum which helps with anti-aging and pigmentation and birds nest gel based moisturizer. They also have face oils, scrubs , body care , haircare - all of which brings out the true essence of Kashmir to us. The formulations and textures bear comparison with most International beauty brands standards,

"We at ZSC believe in batch made products, where we can deliver quality products in each batch to our end consumer , we would like to ensure that each time they use our product they are ensured that its made Fresh- Zahara Nedou founder Zahara Skincare

Operating the brand in India , UAE and Pakistan the brand has many plans to be serviceable in other countries too. "The idea is to make Zahara Skincare a trusted household brand," says Nedou .

Their future plan is to be present on more online platforms within India and other channels of operations such as gyms, green schools and other establishments across the globe.