It is clear that the best German footballers are not the best in the world this time. Not even good, as in this decade and before, the second or third best. The anguish of unfamiliar unhappiness in the DFB, with fans and media all achieve a more violent effect. First of all, a big question hovers over everything, Will Joachim Loew still be the head coach after the biggest accident?

There will be talks about this, presumably even before the last World Cup game on Wednesday against South Korea. Although, the 58-year-old's contract was publicly extended by a proud DFB President Reinhard Grindel on the day of the team's announcement, and that is until the end of the year 2022, when the world cup matches in Qatar finishes shortly before Christmas.

Is this contract really of worth now, everyone involved will have to document that in the next few days. Grindel has already let all know that he stands by his decision despite the disappointing performance. But what will Loew do?

It is a well known fact that the 58-year-old found the coaching job not just a job, but a vocation. The job paid with four million euros per year. Contractual content and possible several packages and exit clauses are subject to secrecy. Basically, they also play only a minor role. The decisive factor is whether Loew still has the strength in this completely new situation and has the authority to build up a new team. Before the World Cup, he said that he was looking forward to lead the "Generation Kimmich". But there was an early exit so far away in Russia.

In this situation, if someone is looking for alternatives to Joachim Loew, he may end up at Loew again. Jurgen Klopp, undoubtedly the best choice. But he is indispensable at Liverpool. Jupp Heynckes with his wife and dog as well. Ottmar Hitzfeld and Otto Rehhagel, both already canceled the offer after Rudi Voller's resignation in 2004, and they have just crossed the zenith of their coaching careers.

Arsene Wenger, who in 2004 was also unsuccessfully addressed by former DFB President, Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder, who passed away in 2015, has the capacity to lead Germany after 22 years at Arsenal and speaks German well. But the Frenchman is already 68 years old.

Jurgen Klinsmann? Looking for a job, but he would have to move and has little backing in German professional football after his failed stint at Bayern. Thomas Tuchel and Julian Nagelsmann, two top people, would be in the order as Klopp’s ideal solutions. But they have just signed fresh contracts in Paris and Leipzig. Loew's assistants Marcus Sorg and Thomas Schneider are among the big losers of this World Cup tournament with the national coach. Miroslav Klose is still at the beginning of his coaching training, so it is out of the question.

In its own table, there is still U-21 coach Stefan Kuntz, who was a good striker. U-20 coach Frank Kramer is a man of great expertise and good looks, but probably not designated to be national coach at the highest level. Meike Schonweitz, the athletic director of the junior teams, and U18 coach Guido Streichsbier are similarly similar. Technically top, but out there in the headwind as a national coach? Almost illusory.

In the end, DFB elite director Oliver Bierhoff together with DFB sports chief Joti Chatzialexiou have a habit of taking brave decisions. They may argue, when Joachim Loew is ready, continue with Joachim Loew. Because the problems of the German professional football is so well beyond this one tournament. Its the clumsy clipping of their clubs documents for years in European circuit. Bierhoff and Chatzialexiou have therefore started to fight vehemently. But now, individuality is not promoted enough in German football. Because German football is no longer world class.