After the defeat in the final of Euro 2016, France is preparing for the Sunday’s World Cup final against Croatia. It’s a new chance for the men of Didier Deschamps to raise the all-important trophy. The Blues appear better armed this year, because, they learned the lesson.

The final against Portugal (0-1), in the Euro final is still there in French hearts. Starting with that of coach Didier Deschamps, he said, "The final of two years ago, it is still not digested. It has always remained there. We will try to overcome that", he said.

For France, it is like a taste unfinished, an open wound that needs to heal. And Deschamps shares the demons of this defeat with nine players among the twenty-three present in Russia. A minority, it is true, but a sufficient number to sensitize. Especially since the Lloris, Umtiti, Pogba, Matuidi, Griezmann or Giroud form a large part of the backbone of this team, version World Cup 2018.

On the final whistle against Belgium, there was no big party on the field, a simple joy and measured. "I know the taste of defeat in the final and it's really very bitter", said Pogba in a press conference. "What does not kill makes you stronger. We are not going to approach it like the Euro. At the Euro, we thought it was already done. The mentality was not the same. By defeating Germany in the semis, we thought we have won the prize." Now, the Blues know, the final will be against Croatia, and they have a step-up to complete their mission.

Beyond this question, these Blues are especially more experienced. Evidence, two years have passed since that fatal match. Two years during which they were able to make fruit of their experience together. From 2014, Lloris, Varane, Pogba, Matuidi, Griezmann and Giroud are holders in the team of France. They have a common experience, they took the responsibility and these players as expected, emerged in Russia as leaders. Despite doubts before the competition, Lloris acting as wall, Varane behaving like a boss, Pogba seems to have taken responsibility and Griezmann is totally at the service of the collective.

In addition, the French have also evolved in their respective clubs. Varane weighs Champions Leagues, "Grizou" finally won a final with Atletico, Kante has taken on a new dimension in Chelsea. Umtiti and Tolisso, both integrated the requirements of big European clubs by joining Barcelona and Bayern Munich. France showed maturity on the ground since the beginning of the World Cup, between the serenity against Argentina or the control displayed against Uruguay and Belgium. Bluffing for a team whose average age is 25.6 years (the youngest behind Nigeria). An experience that should be decisive for managing the final against Croatia's midfielders Modric, Rakitic or Mandzukic.

In 2016, Kylian Mbappe passed his higher degree. Now the charismatic winger will be titular in the final of the World Cup. A meteoric progression but ultimately not so surprising for a player with exceptional talent. Compared with Pele, congratulated by other big names in football like Rio Ferdinand or Carles Puyol, the native of Bondy has already put the world at his feet. A gift fallen from the sky for the France team.

The Paris Saint-Germain striker has shown, especially against Argentina, he is able to make differences alone to win matches. He is only 19, but still has an amazing composure, a rare intelligence of play and even some form of vice, as the Belgians can testify. Even in difficulty, France knows that they can count on the qualities of Mbappe to unlock a stern situation. Mbappe does not have the stuff of the biggest yet, logical considering its age, but he has all the potential to mark the history of the French football and all the court. That's good for "Francia", as there is a World Cup final on Sunday to start against Croatia.