Chelsea has presented Maurizio Sarri as their new head coach. The Italian got questions about a possible departure of goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and star winger Eden Hazard to Real Madrid, but could not or would not promise anything. He did, however, respond to the playful nature of Hazard by emphasizing that he is "making fun" of paramount importance. "I would like to amuse myself with him during the week."

The Italian, Maurizio Sarri followed his compatriot Antonio Conte at Chelsea and signed a three-year contract at Stamford Bridge. Conte’s second season in London was dogged by ceaseless speculation about his future and his apparent dissatisfaction with the club’s transfer policy. Sarri appears more diplomatic about recruiting and retaining players. He spoke of his disinterest in the transfer market and said he would be content to coach the players, already at his disposal.

Sarri wants his Chelsea players to enjoy every minute of life under him, while Conte set the tone for a brutal preseason grind and the relentless intensity that laid the foundation for a Premier League title win but eventually wore down his squad, physically and emotionally.

Chelsea's new trainer, though, could not or would not promise that Courtois and Hazard will stay with his club. "I do not want to talk about the transfer market and I am not that interested, I am a man of field work", he told.

Sarri also does not intend to call his Belgian star player to persuade him to stay in London anyway. "A phone call would not give me any security. I would much rather meet him in real life, face to face. I would like to have four or five days with him on the training ground to get a good idea from him. "

At his press conference, the Italian did respond to the playful nature of Hazard. "I would like to amuse myself with him during the week on training. That is the most important thing for me. I have to be able to have fun doing something right. I think we can get results that way. That is the biggest gift you can get - having fun in doing your job."

It is now the biggest question for Chelsea if Hazard, who is known as a play bird, has ears to those words. It would be a big difference for the Belgium star with the previous trainer of Chelsea, Antonio Conte, who always had a calculated approach. So, staying for the coach, is that an option?

Previously there were already voices that Sarri might well fit with Hazard, because he is a coach who preaches offensive football. It goes without saying that the ex-trainer of Napoli looks forward to working with Hazard. "Hazard is one of the two or three best players in Europe. I hope to be able to make him even better, although that will be difficult since he is already acting at such a high level", claimed the new Chelsea coach.

Sarri became second with the team from Naples twice and once third in Serie A and in 2017 was chosen Coach of the Year. Previously, he trained a very small club in the Laars, including at Pescara, Hellas Verona, Perugia and Empoli. Chelsea ended the Premier League last season as fifth and missed a ticket for the Champions League. The Blues, who will put the FA Cup in the pocket, will be released in the Europa League next season.

For years, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has searched for a coach who would guarantee him entertainment and, in Sarri, he might just have found his man. Pep Guardiola is a big fan of Sarri and if the Italian coach can repeat in west London what he did in southern Italy with Napoli, he will not be the only one.