Looking for a holiday destination? How about visiting a place where you can find lamborghinis and camels parked in the same lot, deserts and islands on the same land. Yes! All these unique vibes takes us to the most rapidly changing place on the earth - Dubai. If you are a person of rich taste then don't think twice and get ready to experience the next level architecture in Dubai. There are hell lot of places in Dubai that take the breath away with their marvellous artistry. Not to forget,Dubai is a major airport hub where people land for a stopover and end up loving the city.

Not only the places, the different cultures as reflected by the visiting places there gives it an incredible taste.

Needless to say, the desert safari is the best thing to enjoy the sunset and sand dunes. Though it is one of the most expensive cities you still don't have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy it as the various street food incredibly stylish yet affordable accommodation available will take care of your budget so that you can explore the incredible modern architecture. Getting in dubai is made easier with the flights offers and to make it even easier for what to explore and visit, there is about a few famous places one should not miss out.

1. Dubai miracle garden

The world's biggest national flower garden will take you out of breath with hour 45 millions flowers sarees in incredibly stunning patterns and designs.

The massive transformation of this parched desert into the biggest flower garden of the world draws the attention of the tourists worldwide with its jaw dropping architecture.

From the ordinary flowers to the most exotic kind, as far as the eyes can see, the different tiers and levels with even better architecture makes the best passage ways to walk through. The walk-ways are covered with mini umbrellas for shades while you explore the garden. The scent of the flowers takes to the different world altogether.

Add this place to your to-do list in Dubai.

2. Bastakia (old Dubai)

Get ready to travel back in time !It's not like no one in Dubai is from Dubai.This place radically alters so many of the ideas about the Emirates.

Bastakia quarter is one of the oldest places in Dubai where the typical architectural style of buildings built in late 19th century were homes for the wealthy and sound Persian merchants. This place is located near the creek. So if you are interested to know how the real locals live there, this is quite the answer to your surfing. Explore the cultures, the authentic foods in the streets and the beautifully preserved ancient buildings. The wind tower that houses the traditional Arab furniture and ceramics is an amazing mean to funnel the cool winds down the houses to relieve the Locals from the heat. Admire the artistry with amazing craftiness and also the street styles at good prices in the great shopping hub.This is the place to go if you want a change from your roots.

3. Burj Khalifa

Here is the tower that outdid the skyscrapers filled skyline.

As far as development is concerned, there is no place developing at the same pace as Dubai.The world’s tallest building is just a hop and skip away with countless stairs in between. This skyscraper was opened in 2010 as a part of the downtown Dubai and that’s when Dubai gained the international recognition apart from its oil based economy. It is not just the building but it is a home to the world’s second largest choreographed fountain, the Dubai fountain.This amazing fountain shoots water upto 150m into the air coupled with Arabic music .No just this, the Burj Khalifa park, designed like a desert flower, Hymenocallis draws the tourists from all over the world and leaves them spell bound with wide coverage area and yet amazing art.

4. The Palm Islands

Get the real treat of luxury !

This big, bold, clean and nice place is absolutely phenomenal. It's literally one of those places one never wants to leave. This place has many activities to offer, the foremost being the water activities. Take a boat tour around the Dubai marine in a chilled out way.

The palm jumeirah is one of the most popular attractions of Dubai. A man - made island that is shaped like a palm tree, completes itself with a crescent above its horizon. The best veiw can be seen with a helicopter or from the skies while enrouting the city via air. The islands are popular for their leisure, residential and entertainment with the Atlantis Hotel locating just at the centre. Take a peaceful walk through its endless stretch and explore the treasure of artistry.

5. Deira Souks

Pay a visit to this place and get a glimpse of Dubai's filthy rich herittage. The gold Souk and Spice souk are ancient markets existing since Dubai itself and more commercialised than ever. Leverage your marketing experience and bargain for gold items at the Gold souk and the aromas at the Spice souk.Dubai is indeed a big shopping hub for gold and other expensive luxuries.Once the dust of the city settles in memory,it becomes difficult to shake it off.If its' your first visit to Emirates then get ready for a culture shock and surprising visit and here is another favourite destination up your sleeve.

The eidetic memory of this place will drag you back once you try to get away.There is so much to do and see in Dubai that one is never done visiting whole of it. Make sure you don't miss out on any of the top attraction of Dubai.