Zoutons, the coupon & deal aggregation website, has launched the Black Friday Sale wherein heavy discounts from varied US e-commerce stores will be applied on every brand and category. The particular sale is structured to target the online shoppers across the United States in order to witness a significant boost in the sales over internet. Certainly, the idea can be a major medium for Zoutons to initiate US market skimming.

Mr. Sahil Chalana, the founder of Zoutons, asserted that, “Launching Black Friday Sale on a large platform is crucial but, if the odds be in our favor, it is going to help in the progress of US stores in India. Keeping a record of the increasing volume of online sales & purchases, Black Friday is surely an untapped opportunity to profit the economy.”

The website states that they strive to address the consumer demands and improve the user experience where discounts and offers being constant.

What is Black Friday Sale?

Historically mentioning, Black Friday Sale is a traditional discount sale which takes place after Thanksgiving Festival in US. This festival falls on Thursday, (November 23 2018) consequently providing the sale on offline base from Thursday to Sunday. After the emergence of e-commerce market as a better connecting source, Black Friday sale started to be launched on both offline and online bases. Now, during the festivities, all the online stores launch their Black Friday Sale from Thursday to Sunday where they tend to prosper sales by providing maximum 80% discounts on every other product, brand or category.

Taking all the insights in mind, apparently, Black Friday sale is a sure chance for the online shoppers to get their hands-on leading brands and appliances at incredibly discounted rates.

What is the essence of the sale?

Of course, there are many sales that take place on a bigger platform then what is so unique about Black Friday Sale? This sale is launched on more than 160 e-commerce stores altogether where more than 50 categories are calculated with special deals.

“We are quite optimistic with Black Friday sale as total online spending in the last year was approx $5.1 billion and we are expecting at least 14% growth this time” says Sidhharth Arya (BITS Pilani graduate), Marketing Head at Zoutons.

Some of the major stores under Black Friday sale include Amazon US, Wallmart, Macy’s, Lowes, Gamestop, Kohl’s etc. with major categories such as Electronics, Clothing, Home Appliances, Kitchen Essentials and more being added to the listing.

Naturally, with greater discount percentages, the overall payable values are eventually cut-short implying more and more savings, sales and purchases.

How Zoutons does helps in the Black Friday sale?

“We, as a team, are trying to provide the consumer with transparency about all the e-commerce stores, their provided categories and the available discounts which are going to be launched in the US’s Black Friday Sale. Our main attention would be towards Amazon, Walmart, Target & Bestbuy as these 4 stores capture more than 70% of online spending during the black friday sale ” says Sahil Gupta (DTU graduate), Product Head at Zoutons.

If we take a deeper dig, the website has tied up with leading US e-commerce stores such as Wallmart, Macy’s, Apple, Amazon and more; trying to act as a mediator between deals offered and the target audience. Talking about the initiatives laid by zoutons:

. Descriptive blogs and banners have been installed containing every bit of information about What is being offered? What is the discount applied? What are the benefits? And so much more

. The blogs are further bifurcated into Store oriented pages and category pages. The former comprises of the details about the particular store such as Black Friday Amazon Sale 2018 whereas the later talks about the overall discounts applied on categories across the stores such as Black Friday Electronics Offers 2018

. Hourly updates about the offers and discounts are acted upon to keep it easy for the users to decode the provisions

. Apart from the descriptive part, there are obvious coupons, deals and offers provided exclusively by Zoutons on all the stores launching their Black Friday sales

Precisely, the strategy of getting involved in the US market is going to prosper throughout with increased percentage of online shopping, across the globe promotions and consequent growth. Zoutons’ launch of Black Friday Sale is highly benefiting for all the users and the website as well. Let us look stay awaited for the upcoming collaboration on a larger platform.