Kerala has been battling its worst floods in the last 100 years and the same has affected close to a million people in the state. The massive disaster has also forced people to leave their homes and take shelter in across thousands of relief camps spread across the state.

In wake of the same, Amazon is now working with the state government and also the disaster relief centres in an effort to get the people back on their feet and back home safely in 'God's own country'. The online retailer believes in collective efforts and with support from the government of Kerala, also aims to support the disaster stricken families with kits that will help restart their lives with new hope and light.

As a result, Amazon India has been working with partners and national as well as state disaster coordination committees to offer support to all those who were affected by the floods. Furthermore, the e-commerce platform is also giving its consumers a chance to donate products to NGOs that will then be sent to the affected in Kerala. On the webpage dedicated to this effort, three collaborative NGOs are listed and each of these organisations has a wish list of products required by them that are ranked in order of highest priority. These products range from toothpastes to towels to utensils and food products, among others and hence the customers can get to the NGO any product they wish to donate. They can also make use of the Amazon Coupons to get deals on the products.

Once on the Amazon website, you can add the products that you want to donate to your cart and then select the gift registry address of the NGO in address page. Once the payment has been completed by the customer, Amazon will then deliver the product(s) to the address in Kerala from where the NGO of customer’s selection would receive them and will offer them to flood victims. Partner NGOs that have collaborated with the e – commerce retailer for the same are Habitat for Humanity, World Vision India and Goonj.

A contribution, small or big and regardless of the amount or the product will surely and eventually help someone in dire need of the same and hence each and every person who is able to donate via the Amazon website to these NGOs are motivated to totally do so. The execution, delivery and distribution of these donations would be carefully done by the NGOs and Amazon themselves so as to help and assist as many victims as possible.

Apart from this, Amazon is even putting to use all of their on-ground delivery resources, especially in the southern states for relief and charity work. The operations team of Amazon is also working to provide relief kits to people and families in impacted areas and is providing drinking water to impacted service partners, associates and immediate communities in dire need of the same. Quoting an Amazon India spokesperson, “Our Last Mile logistics team in the affected districts is helping out NGO partners."

The operations team is also managing all the product movement on ground, such relief kits, which have essential food items, first aid, as well as fresh water cans, among other things. The company is also using its reverse delivery logistics to collect product donations from customers and its sellers are making sure inventory of necessary items is made available as per the requirements of the NGOs.

It is with the contribution of one and many only that a lot of lives have been saved and will be saved at the time of this horrific disaster. And with the reach of crores, Amazon aims to achieve the same for the victims in Kerala flood stricken areas. Basic everyday amenities and supplies itself are a good start in assisting these NGOs in helping these people cope up and push through these times of such loses. Therefore, it is our duty as a resident of our nation to stand together once again and give help to those in need with all our might and that we can do.