With the sudden boost of cars on the road in India, ensuring your loved ones and vehicle’s safety becomes your number one priority. Dash cams are one of the ways in which you can put your worries to rest. In some countries outside India, it is a compulsion by the law to install a dash cam in every vehicle. Though such laws are not yet implemented in India, a dash cam installation in your car has become more of a necessity than a luxury.

With growing threats on the roads, your worries grow as well. There have been various incidents of road rage and the rise of groups such as the ‘thak-thak’ gang that makes you believe that a mere dash cam doesn’t suffice. With advance threats like these, you need advance vehicle security devices that will help you tackle them. This is where you ask yourself the question – can a dash cam suffice your car security needs? Here are a few reasons why you need a device with advanced technology installed in your car.

Misuse of Cars

Dash cams are easy to install; they are effortless to uninstall as well. In case your car is being misused, your dash cam can easily be covered or switched off without you ever even finding out. Your chauffeur or your reckless teen could be using your car without your knowledge, by easily hampering the dash cam. In such cases, a dash cam doesn’t help you to ensure your car’s safety, you need a device that is smarter!

Helps in Case of an Accident

In many instances, the car driver is blamed for the accident caused even though they aren’t responsible. Proving innocence becomes difficult even with a dash cam as most of them only have cameras faced towards the road. To avoid instances like these, cars need to be installed with dash cams that are equipped with the latest technology of two-way cameras.

No GPS Tracking

A dashcam might do a great job at recording video of the progress of your vehicle through the day but doesn’t help to track your vehicle. To monitor the whereabouts of your car, you’d have to invest extra money in a GPS. This means that your car will have two devices installed with additional money spent.

Low Storage of Data

The number one problem of dash cams is that they have an internal storage capacity of close to nothing. This becomes a huge problem when it comes to procuring data when the need arises. There is no facility of cloud backup where you can access your older records in the future. You continuously must rely on an SD card or clearing out your memory from time to time.

No Way of Immediate Action

The number of rash drivers is on a rapid rise. These drivers pose not only a threat to their own lives but to others as well. Even if you catch the driver of your car driving rash through your dash cam, there is no way to call them out on it, right at that moment. Calling them on their phone is raising a threat to their security as distracted drivers cause plenty of road accidents as well.

All these issues will have anyone worried about the safety of their loved ones and vehicles. Dash cams in the cars do help, but they aren’t enough to ensure safety. They lack technology that makes them multipurpose and advanced enough to be a smart device. These issues create confusion amongst customers as to which device is the best and where they should invest their money. This is where products like KENT CamEye comes in, and it has way more features than a mere dash cam. It has features such as two-way camera, in-built two-way microphone, live streaming video, GPS tracker, cloud storage and lots more. It is available to order online through Amazon India; you can also avail a free demo to test out the product yourself! What’s stopping you from stepping up your car security?