A disease that damages the body's immune system is Human Immunodeficiency Virus otherwise known as HIV. When remaining untreated, battling with infection and illness becomes extremely hard for one. Gradually, specific symptoms and diseases begin to develop. This is the final phase of HIV, and it may result in death if you don't get the treatment.

Taking into account the premature mortality danger of HIV-positive patients insurance businesses typically exclude HIV from their coverage range and its associated problems. The health cover is not available to people infected with HIV. Insurance businesses dismissed demands for HIV-infected individuals on several occasions, even if they caught the disease after purchasing the scheme, the cause for refusal is that HIV is not covered under the available coverage.

IRDAI encouraged health insurance firms to provide HIV-positive individuals with health coverage in October 2013. Star Health now provides HIV users health plans. No insurance company, other than Star Health provides HIV coverage as of now.

Star Net Plus Insurance Policy For HIV Patients

Star Net Plus policy by star health insurance provides support for HIV patients. Under this scheme, if the insured individual is stated to have reached the stage of AIDS (cd4 count drops below 150) and is tested and certified by the company's group of physicians, the lump sum as outlined in the policy timeline is payable. Only one lump sum is owed to the insured, regardless of the insured's procedures. The cover is automatically terminated after payment of the lump sum amount and cannot be renewed. With this health cover, medical costs such as room lease, boarding expenditures, nursing expenditures, pre-hospitalization & post-hospitalization expenditures, required service fees, as set out in the policy timeline can be covered.


An insurance policy was explicitly developed for HIV-positive people for the first time in India.

The policy guarantees the insured's confidentiality and privacy.

No charges or receipts need to be submitted.

Lump Sum will be provided by the company to the insured if the following prerequisites are fulfilled.

Offers economic assistance for higher health care of HIV-positive people at the critical point of AIDS.

Is a unique strategy in that many insurers regard HIV as an exclusion strategy also provides the choice of expanding medical cover for hospitalization.


Expenses incurred in the therapy of HIV.

Pre-existing medical circumstances.

Expenses incurred in the therapy of malaria and gastroenteritis.

Expenses incurred in the therapy of cataract, hysterectomy, joint replacement surgery etc. within the first two years of the policy.

Treatment of war-related diseases/injuries, disturbances or government disturbances.

Dental processes, spectacles, contact lenses, naturopathy trees

Star Unique Health Insurance Policy

Star Unique Health Insurance Policy offers coverage for pre-existing circumstances and ailments/diseases. This policy also provides coverage of a minimum CD4 count of 350 at the moment of admission for HIV-positive people. Non-allopathic therapy is also discussed for HIV positive. HIV-positive patients are paid for costs incurred in the treatment of cardiovascular illnesses, cerebrovascular illnesses, stroke and accidental injuries. This health scheme also covers diseases or illnesses requiring hospitalization. After 11 months of continuous coverage, the pre-existing conditions (as specified) are included.

Final Words

Treatment for individuals infected with HIV has become possible thanks to daily medical advances, and they can now live long safe and happy lives. HIV therapy, however, is quite costly and people need economic assistance to continue the treatment. For HIV clients, affordable health insurance is a blessing, and now you only need to choose a scheme that offers broad protection against HIV therapy costs.