Since its inception in 2016, Nayati Medicity, Mathura has been focusing on providing yoga session for families of patients and the caregivers at the hospital. The idea behind encouraging Yoga at the hospital entails enhancing patient satisfaction levels by reducing noise levels, improving relationship with families of patients, and the overall physical environment.

This is in alignment with Chairperson Niira Radia’s vision of creating a patient centered model for Nayati Healthcare— a vision which hasn’t changed since the hospital was founded. Apart from that, the hospital has reached out to more than 80,000 villagers around Mathura and Agra and educated them about the benefits of practicing Yoga.

Chairperson Niira Radia stated that with a positive impact in Mathura, the Healthcare Group is looking forward to introducing Yoga in other hospitals. “Personally, I have always believed in the therapeutic powers of yoga and meditation, which help prevent illnesses and foster health. We have been conducting Yoga sessions for the caregivers, patient relatives and communities, the response from all has been very encouraging. We hope to replicate this across the group hospitals.”

At Nayati Medicity, Mathura, the sessions for doctors and nurses are conducted to help deal with an emotionally and physically taxing job role by unwinding, prepping up and staying positive. Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, the Yogacharya at Nayati Mathura Unit, helps encounter physical and emotional burnout through Yoga to nullify the negative impact of dealing in a stressful environment.

On the other hand, the sessions for family members are focused on providing mental strength and composition to those who have been affected by the changes in health of their loved ones. As there could be a high chance of reasonable fear and depression in family members who are affected due to the health conditions of their loved ones.

While Yoga has been effective in instilling an overall sense of calmness inside the hospital environment, the Niira Radia led healthcare group has also taken this practice to the villages in Western Uttar Pradesh through its medical camps, which are focusing on educating villagers about the preventive benefits of this practice for helping combat both physical and mental problems.