8 ball pool is one of the most popular mobile games launched in the last few years. With more than 500 million downloads from the Google Play Store alone, the 8 ball pool game has won some of the most prestigious awards for being people's favourite game. It is an exciting and entertaining game that allows you to play a game of pool with opponents who can be anyone from across the globe or you can invite any of your friends or family to play with you. Playing with real players makes it more appealing and challenging at the same time. The game features many tournaments, rewards, and bonuses for players, which makes you look forward to playing the game. But it is a challenging game. You compete with challenging opponents, and that is why you will need to revamp your skills and also know some smart gaming tips. So learn them here.

Choose your game table wisely

You do not want to be defeated within just a few minutes of the game, so as an amateur, you must choose your table wisely. Many different tables are available for you to choose from, including cash tables. It is recommended that in the beginning, you stick to practice tables until you have got full control over your cue stick and shots. Then, after 15-20 matches, you can play cash games. As you go to higher levels, you would want to select a table that has a bigger entry fee and bigger prize. But do so only when you have sharpened your skills and are confident enough.

Don't forget to open the game app every day

Make sure that you open the app every day to collect your daily rewards, if given by the platform, and get to get a chance to win some good games. Even if you do not have the time to play one day, enter the app and collect the day’s rewards. Most platforms give players free chips for daily login and you might also get some exciting prizes. All these rewards will contribute to your success in the game and help you get a better 8 ball stick pool experience. If you can afford, you can add some money to your account and purchase more chips to play and win big games with big cash prizes.

Play smartly

While playing a shot, aim accurately and make sure that the line indicating the travel path of the ball goes right to the very middle of the pocket you are trying to pot the ball in. And remember that pocketing balls in the four corner pockets is usually much easier than pocketing them in any of the two pockets in the middle of the table. So whenever the target ball is right between a corner pocket and a middle pocket, aim at pocketing the ball in the corner pocket.


Practice at free tables well before joining cash tables. Play with a calm head and avoid any distractions while playing. The above helpful 8 ball pool hacks will certainly help you improve your gaming performance. Make sure to download 8 ball pool game from the Play Store and enjoy unlimited gaming and winning big cash.