Perhaps, no other country can provide the range of places, terrains and cuisines that India does. It is a country that is anything but bland— be it the picturesque views in the west to the tropical paradises. However, exploring the country is even more fascinating with hotels that not just offer comfort but also the vivid essence of the city.

“Innovations in the industry, customers looking for more individualized experiences, and more tourist traction are pushing hotels to offer increasingly personal, uniquely tailored experiences for every guest on every visit," states Suresh Nanda (Chairman of Claridges Group of Hotels) who has continuously been on a lookout to revamp the hotel for catering to the visitors in a better way.

“Hotels are not just about being safe havens anymore, but places where the visitors can indulge themselves in delightful experiences and get the most personalized feeling of comfort and extravagance, and that's what we aim with Claridges,” says the pioneering hotelier.

Talking about the burgeoning hospitality industry in India, Suresh Nanda, stated that the hotels today cater to the guests who have different needs. A business traveler might opt for a hotel in the exact location offering the exact services that aid his trip, however, this is not what a tourist or a bag packer seeking adventure or escapism would go for.

“At Claridges, we try to blend the signature mixes of all the services. Our visitors aren't just a sect; instead, we call to all,” says Suresh Nanda.

The new hotels, especially in the metropolitan cities like Delhi, are stressing on being creative along the lines of luxury. Handpicked for space, character, comfort, and a distinctive design aesthetic, the hospitality industry in India is competing on the global forefront for its cutting-edge architecture and design.

Be it the ITC chain of hotels that leverage the cultural dimension and channel it into providing a rooted hotel experience, or the avant-garde desirous attempt by contemporary hotels, the industry is seeing a complete makeover in terms of design and offerings.

Talking about their vision with Claridges Delhi, Suresh Nanda, who has been associated with the brand for more than a decade, says that they plan to leverage both the entertainment and cultural dimension to engage the guests better, be it through art, fine dine offerings or its ubiquitous ultra-modern approach. The idea is to use leading-edge technology to preserve the emotion of an uninterrupted stay with a view to the lush greenscapes of the city.

"The growth in hospitality industry can leg up India’s tourism indefinitely. As for the current hotels in the country, they must find a balance between providing new and unique experiences coupled with the feeling of a home away from home. Above all, hotels must center their services on the choice and preferences of the guests," added the hotelier.