There are plenty of factors that suggest the exponential growth of Indian tyre industry. On the other hand, heavy engineering and infrastructure industries are not lagging behind by any stretch of imagination. Both the sectors have taken decent strides to make their presence felt across the country. Not too long ago, India was more dependent on foreign brands to meet the demand. However, all that has changed with quite a few industrialists like Pawan Ruia, the Chairman of Ruia Group delving deep into the entrepreneurial orbit. He is one of the few visionary leaders, who’ve played a huge role in changing the face of these industries within a decade.

Known for using special management techniques, Pawan Ruia is leading one of the fastest growing multinational industrial conglomerates of India. He led the dramatic rise of some of the biggest names in the heavy equipment industry, including Jessop and Co to earn the name of ‘turn around tycoon’.

Pawan Ruia’s tryst with tyre sector also got better with the acquisition of two of the most renowned tyre companies. He batted for the upheaval of those companies at a time when they were struggling to survive. Ruia took these companies to another level and they managed to thrive even in the midst of a crippling downturn.

Leading a workforce of more than 9,000 people, Pawan Kumar Ruia brought international recognition to the tyre market in India. The tyres produced by both the companies started to meet the demand of both domestic and international markets. It also helped solidify the reputation of Ruia Group, under the leadership of Pawan Ruia.

The acquisition of latest technology enabled Ruia to integrate the new firms in the overall business perspective. He not only led Ruia Group from strength to strength, but also benefited the fellow countrymen in the process. Pawan Ruia intended to offer the best products to the customers in low cost, while also generating massive employment opportunities,

Having taken Ruia Group to new heights, Pawan Kumar Ruia is upbeat about the future and believes that adaptability will be the key to achieve new milestones in the coming years.