Among all Indian outfits, the Anarkali is a statement worthy ethnic piece. That is popular among celebrities and fashionistas due to how iconic the latest designs look. The Anarkali suit styles are worn by many movie actresses where they dance and act in them making this piece trendier among most Women. Since everyone wants a piece of it as part of their wardrobe. This glorious suit with intricate detailing and exquisite artwork is in many designs and styles. Embrace this fashion piece in style and look just like a Hollywood diva. Below are specific Anarkali suits that you can adorn to special events like weddings and festivals.

Jacket Anarkali suit

The jacket style has grown in popularity and is now worn to match and style other traditional pieces. For instance, the short Kurtis, long kurtas and salwar kameez outfits are some to style with the jacket suit. Hence with the Anarkali, to achieve the Jacket Anarkali suit you can layer the jacket over the Anarkali suit for that gorgeous look. The jackets are in many styles and a slit jacket is one that is so in vogue right now. Other than layering it you can wear a modern long jacket that doubles up as part of the Anarkali suit. This is an effortless ensemble that is loved by modern women and fashionistas who love to experiment with different Anarkali styles.

Cape Anarkali suits


Do you have an upcoming wedding to attend? Get your Anarkali suit outfit tailored for this event and get a gorgeous cape Anarkali suit. This piece is ever stylish and a modern ensemble that does not disappoint to wear in different special events. This long cape that is attached to the Anarkali suit is in many designs that you can flaunt. Sheer, lace, embroidered and printed are some of the cape designs that you can try on some of your Anarkali suits. It adds magic to your outfit with its modish and sleek look that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Anarkali gowns

Nowadays the Anarkali gown is ruling the glamour industry. It is a perfect balance of the traditional and modern fashion world. The Anarkali gown makes you look poised with ecstatic grace due to the scintillating styles that you can choose from. Some of the Anarkali gown styles are sequins, lace laden and embellished pieces among others. They are a favorite piece that is adorned to weddings, receptions, and cocktail and it has stuck as the go-to Anarkali suit for these events.

Asymmetrical Anarkali suit


The asymmetrical cuts were brought back by the modern couturiers. They are a spectacular trend to match the flared Anarkali suits that are popularly adorned to many special events. Wear it in bold colors to bring out the look perfectly and flaunt this modern style. It is a perfect piece for family gatherings, festivals and other special occasions. Also, you can get this ready-made asymmetrical Anarkali suit in online stores in various colors and patterns.

Floor-length Anarkali suit

This Anarkali suit is a classic choice that most Bollywood divas love adorning to during the many events that they attend. Try this Anarkali suit and enjoy the new style representation that gives you a poised look. This elegant Anarkali suit is crated in a myriad of styles like threadwork, handwoven and all embroidered floor-sweeping Anarkali ensemble. The choice of fabric can be chiffon, silk, georgette, and even net. Revamp your style with this floor-length Anarkali suit and dress to it on various occasions for it never disappoints. Accessories with jazzy accessories and add more glam to your look.

Layered Anarkali suit


The layered Anarkali suit is a perfect outfit to twirl around at a Sangeet ceremony. This is because of the detailed layers that add structure to your ensemble and look. This is a perfect look for a bride other than the usual Lehenga choli to this elegant layered ensemble that gives you that plush look. Choose a beige or white layered Anarkali suit that has colorful layers to get a beautiful and striking look. Add this piece as part of your sartorial choices and complement your fashion sense.

Pakistani Anarkali suit

This suit is an example of how Anarkali is available in all shapes and sizes. It is a beauty that when you adorn to an event you leave everyone gaping in awe. It is a fascinating trend with a modern twist of the Pakistani style that has too taken the fashion world by storm. This heart drooling piece is heavily embellished and embroidered making it more gorgeous. It has an overlay jacket that will make you look like a royal when you wear it. Plus, a dupatta still accentuates your look but you can wear without it and still look fashionable.

Cotton and silk Fabric Anarkali suits


Sometimes the Anarkali suit is more of the fabric than the design. Since fabrics have their feels and looks when designed into a dress. These two are some that you can choose to wear to various events depending on the event you are attending. For instance, the cotton Anarkali suit is perfect for a summer function to enjoy the breeze in this fancy ensemble. Have the silhouette handwoven with detailed with hand embroidery for that splendid yet suave look. As for the silk Anarkali suit the surreal silhouette it creates gives you a royal touch. It is one of the most coveted garbs and a versatile piece among most Indian women. It is a perfect fit for special Indian occasions for how culturally rich and auspicious it looks.

Given the above Anarkali suits that you can adorn to various events. They are not the only once but specific pieces that you can choose for these ceremonies. Others that are elaborately designed like the designer Anarkali suit are gorgeous pieces that you can invest in. Choose from the wide options that are available and dress to the surreal beauty of the Anarkali suits and upgrade your style quotient.