In the last several weeks, we've heard and learned a lot about the danger and suffering caused by COVID-19. Everything feels new, unbelievable, overwhelming. At the same time, it feels as if we’ve walked into an old recurring dream. In a way, we have. We’ve seen it before, on TV and in blockbusters. We knew roughly what it would be like, and somehow this makes the encounter not less strange, but more so.

What does the future look like OR Could COVID-19 change our lives forever? The questions are striking to everyone's mind. Here are few listed to know more:

As the pandemic increases our dependence on technology, tech companies will become even more powerful and dominant. That includes smaller firms like Zoom, and the big players such as Google, Facebook, Apple and more.

We would see more government surveillance. It is useful weapon to fight virus - for instance, but at the same time such moves threaten individual freedom and privacy. It will affect our ability to hide from the camera and our social rights.

We could see government boost their ability to deploy ICU-level assets, build up protective instruments and ventilators, scale up hospital infrastructure of emergency nature. Further more people could prefer home tests, for illness such as flu or for high cholesterol.

To be specific-religion, one aspect of life that has been badly affected by the pandemic is culture. People used to worship at the holy sites but those are closed now. This is something technology cannot help to substitute.

Without the human touch and the ambience offered by rituals and holy sites, the very meaning of religion is in danger.

Lockdown is placing pressure on global economy. As we all know businesses exist to make a profit. If we cant produce we cant sell things, and people will be less employed. When the economy is down more people lose their jobs or fear losing their jobs. We need to maintain our mindset that market will always return to normal after short period of crisis.

We have already seen the effect of work from home experiment, effect on the internet ever conducted in human history. People are accessing more educational resources online for kids, different ways to connect with coworkers, friends, and family. We will see these things last in future.

Once cities are reopened, people will be looking for reliable ways to stay socially distant while commuting, such as cab, bike share. There will be a good opportunity for local government to consider and reshaping our cities to built around people not cars.

Streaming content online has become popular over these days. As movies theatres and live events get cancelled, more people will instead stay in comfort of their own homes and watch the events that are streamed and broadcasted (Netflix, Prime, Hotstar and more).

At the same time, the entertainment industry will suffer.

Doctors, teachers, garbage collectors, delivery people are receiving THANK-YOUS for their thankless services. All are risking their lives for the sake of others and receiving a measure of gratitude and applause.

May be this just appreciation with applause take a monetary form and translate into better pay for our crucial professionals.

This pandemic has taught us what we humans have in common. We all want a safe tomorrow. In Covid-19, we have found a common enemy, attacking people. This is giving us a choice to take the world back together as it was before. We are now witnessing how the government of each state is turning this shared global event into nationally experience.

Manoj Rao is a software professional at Laminaar Aviation India