28,529 workers were brought under surveillance and are now being monitored in India. There are currently 29 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus and it looks like it is growing more and more with each hour that goes by. Indian technology companies are scrambling to try and find solutions so that they can safeguard their team against the virus. They are also trying to offer flexible working hours so that they can protect as many people as possible.

Industry Veterans

Industry veterans have stated that it might be unplanned, but this moment is now a fantastic time for companies to try and look at how they could enable and empower their distributed workforce so that they can find other ways to try and collaborate. If they are able to do this then they will be able to pay their dividends into the future, long after the threat has subsided. Of course, there are certain industries that have not been affected and some of them include the NetBet India casino industry and other internet-based services.

Global Companies

Global companies who have a very distributed workforce do have flexible working policies. Some of them include being able to work from home, having flexible working hours and even trying to implement additional measures. India’s leading platform for digital payments is Paytm and that shut down their offices in Noida and Gurugram for two days. One of the employees who worked there has tested positive for the Coronavirus. Facebook and even Amazon are currently battling cases as well. Some companies have been forced to postpone internal events which required large groups of gatherings and people have also been forced to leverage certain technologies as well. Some of them include tele presence and even video conferencing.


When you look at the symptoms, you will soon see that employees are being asked to work from home as much as possible. Offices are also stacked full of hand-sanitiser, emergency medicine, rations and more. Wipro who are a software giant have suspended travel to China, Macau and Hong Kong. The company have stated that any employee who has actually travelled to China in the last couple of days has to work from home for a total of 14 days so that they can make sure that they are not a carrier of the virus. The TCS have claimed that they are working closely with all of the right global and regional health institutions so that they can tackle the outbreak as efficiently as possible. The HCT Technologies firm have invoked a contingency plan to try and help those who have been impacted while also safeguarding their own resources as much as possible.

Only time will tell what is going to happen in the future but right now it looks like everything that can be done to try and stop the outbreak, is taking place. It’s a matter of great importance and it is already having a worldwide impact.