Betting and gambling in India can be traced back to the oldest times of its civilization. Indians have been fond of various forms of betting and gambling, which is why there is no wonder why betting and gambling apps are very popular in the country, especially online sports betting apps.

Did you know that one of the most popular sports in India is cricket? When you go search for cricket in prediction sites, you will surely find odds, predictions, and cricket betting tips. But why is cricket betting, and also sports betting in general, so popular in India? Here are some of the top reasons.

Quick and easy money
Let’s face it, one of the top reasons for gambling and venturing into sports betting not only for Indians but for all people is only one thing--money. Online sports betting and gambling, in general, attracts a lot of people due to its promise of a chance to make a good amount of money with little to no effort in just a short period of time.

While there is never a guarantee of getting money--only the chance of having it--people are still attracted and caught by the promise of betting and gambling. Thus, though the risk is high and the chances of winning are not certain, people still spend their money and wager on games, hoping to hit a big win and taker home lots of money.

Online betting is a safe and popular option
Like what was already mentioned, any form of betting and gambling activity is illegal for the most part of India. In fact, someone who gets caught in gambling activities might even face a certain amount of fine, or time in prison or worse, both.

However, there is no written law that prohibits Indians from betting and conducting gambling activities online through betting sites and apps. This is the reason why most online bookmakers are taking advantage of the opportunity by attracting more and more Indians to participate in their apps or sites.

It is accessible and convenient
Since betting and gambling is illegal for the most part of India, how could Indians satisfy their carvings for some game then? The answer is simple--go online, download an app, and play and bet through these online bookmakers.

Playing and betting through these apps and sites can be done regardless of wherever you are in the world, or what time you want to do so. As long as you have a working and stable internet connection, you can go and bet on your favorite cricket team.

Since not everyone can go to a game or watch it live, betting on your favorite cricket team is also seen as a form of showing support for them. Though, technically, the teams do not get any form of revenue from these betting apps. Still, it’s a way of letting other people know who your favorite cricket team is.

Online sports betting for a cricket game is also very convenient. Imagine being able to wager for your favorite team and even possibly, win real money. What’s better, you can do all of these without the need to leave your home or go to a gambling or betting house. You can even do it all while lying down in your bed!

Final thoughts
The game of cricket, on its own, is already extremely popular in India. In the same way that the British love football, the Americans love basketball and baseball, Indians love playing and watching a game of cricket, too. And with innovations of technology making cricket betting possible now, there is no reason not to wager that bet now.