I was working at a call centre for over four years when I started to feel that I had hit a plateau. I wanted a better life and a more exciting career. While there was security in the job, there was no growth. I’d always wanted to start a business of my own and I seriously started contemplating that dream now.

A sudden yet casual meeting with my school friend Dinesh spurred me to begin working towards my goal. Dinesh had recently quit his 9-to-5 life and had opted to become a driver cum owner in partnership with Uber. And he was now having the time of his life – flexible work hours, being his own boss, and most importantly, the opportunity to make more money!

This sure sounded tempting, but there was one problem. I had no car of my own to become an Uber partner. “Then apply for a car loan and get one!” suggested Dinesh. “Why, taking a loan is the easiest thing in the world to do!” I replied sarcastically. Dinesh then went on to explain how he was speaking from first-hand experience. He had purchased his car with the help of a car loan from IndusInd Bank. He explained to me how the process of loan disbursement was a breeze, how the loan repayment options were fairly flexible, and how the car loan interest rate was also attractive. Dinesh’s reassurance got rid of any second thoughts that I had. I decided to apply for a car loan online with IndusInd Bank.

The very next day, I applied for my car loan online after checking my car loan eligibility and within two weeks’ time, I was driving through the streets of Chembur. While my new career came with its share of struggles and challenges, I now had a better, more fulfilling work-life. Apart from making more money, I finally had what I’d always craved – freedom and flexibility.

But this wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more. I wanted bigger, better things. In a couple of years’ time, I’d gained some experience in the taxi business and thought of starting my own fleet, in partnership with Uber. Again, this was financially a significant decision, given that the only car I had in possession was the one I’d bought back then. This time around, I applied for IndusInd Bank’s car loan for commercial use. I bought a fleet of 10 cars with the help of the loan and started my own taxi business. Since I’d already applied for a loan earlier and repaid it on time, it was easy for me to get additional car loans for my fleet this time. Today, I’m the proud owner of a flourishing business, none of which would have been financially possible with my meagre savings. Today, I look back and feel glad that I decided to be bold and take a risk in order to achieve something bigger!